Antique Drop Leaf Table Styles, Values and Identification Guide

What is a drop-leaf? What type of designs are available in the drop-leaf table category? Here you will find all the answers you are looking for regarding drop-leaf tables.

An antique drop leaf table contains a non-movable section in the middle area and a foldable section on anyone or both sides of the table.

The foldable part of the table makes it a drop-leaf table. The style and value of the table vary according to the design and other mechanisms.

Antique drop-leaf tables were first manufactured in the early 17th century in England. The table was quite famous because of the swinging brackets, size, flexibility to hinge on the sides.

Antique Drop Leaf Table
Oval drop-leaf dining table, built 1765-1785, and in the Decorative Arts and Design collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art


Identification of Antique Drop Leaf Tables

Identifying a classy, elegant, and antique drop-leaf table is not as difficult as it may sound to many people. The most common feature of this table is the mechanism that allows you to bend down the corner area with ease. Other than this, this table helps you make room for more people when you are not using it.

Due to the style and flexibility, this table has been trendy for centuries which makes it unique. Hence, below are more useful tricks on how to identify whether the table is antique or not. Keep reading on to find out more;

  • Determine whether the finishing of the table has a coating of age or not. The trick is that the table must not look new, no matter if the shape is gorgeous and attractive.
  • Look for saw marks on the top area of your table. Most of the antique furniture has straight saw marks, while others have circular marks.
  • Make sure the hardware like screws, square nails, and other hinges are antique too. This factor is quite obvious; while making the table in the 80s, the manufacturers must have used hardware available in the 80s.
  • Search for signatures, labels, stamps, and other antique marks to identify a particular craftsman or manufacturer. This way, you can also identify whether the table is antique or not in a better way.

Styles of Antique Drop Leaf Table

As you can see, the drop-leaf table term is self-explanatory, which does not mean that all of them are the same. Some of them have one drop-leaf while others have two. If you go out in the market, you will find them in different sizes and shapes. 

This allows you to find the most suitable one for your house. Moreover, the following are some style of antique drop-leaf table available in the market;

  • Well-Mounted Functional Design

Indeed, appearance is as necessary as functions. So, focus on the style you are looking for before considering things like finish, accessories, etc. Do you want a high desk or an adjustable table? There are plenty of options available with great features. 

A well-mounted table is an excellent choice for small spaces like your bedroom. You can use it as an additional counter space while occupying any large space. This type of structure is greatly useful in the kitchen if you don’t need any chairs.

  • Genuine Material in Compact Size

Other than the patina of age, what makes furniture antique? Well, the most important factor for many of you regarding furniture is the material and size. The high-quality and reliable material of a table can amazingly compliment your room.

With good material, you will be saving plenty of money instead of spending it on repair and replacement. As for compact size, the table will bring a simple and chic look in a small space. 

You can buy a table with a square-shaped top with a round or oval size drop-leaf. Such side drops will allow you to add extra seats for your guests in a subtle manner. 

  • Expandable Ideal for Games

Vintage Drop Leaf Gate Leg Game TableVintage Drop Leaf Gate Leg Game Table
Vintage Drop Leaf Gate Leg Game Table

A solid wooden vintage table with an adequate finish is worth your money. The combination of a cherry finish and antique design will sync perfectly. Your room will look elegant with a fine expandable table. You can make the table a part of your drawing room or arrange it in your kitchen.

Some people prefer to expand the table between living and dining rooms to combine them. This table style is perfect for big families. They can eat or drink on one table or play games together without shifting any big furniture item.

  • Coffee Table with Cozy Nooks

English Antique Oak Small Drop Leaf Table
English Antique Oak Small Drop Leaf Table

An antique drop-leaf table works as a great resistance in a cozy nook. The best part is that you will not face any sort of challenge to find a space to arrange this table. You can arrange it in your living room, by the window, or in the kitchen.

However, you will find many people combining this table with a sofa bench which will create a more comfortable coffee table. You can utilize this arrangement for coffee, work, or random seating. Thus, you can add more chairs to utilize their full potential whenever needed.

  • Convertible with Great Flexibility


You can use this table for console, working desk, or dining because some are easily convertible too. Their convertible feature is the coolest thing which makes it amazingly versatile. 

When you drop down the side leaves, the middle area only expands a few centimeters. So, you can neatly place it behind any sofa, wall, or cabinet.

Although the design of its frame varies from case to case, most of the convertibles have simple and high-functional structure designs. You can find this console table easily, and they are available in weathered oak, black finishing, and powder-coated metals.

  • Round Hutch Style

English Antique Oak Barley Twist Drop Leaf Table
English Antique Oak Barley Twist Drop Leaf Table

Mostly, you will find drop-leaf tables in an oval shape with a rectangular middle part. This type of design is quite practical, but you can also find it in a round shape. Hence, a round-shaped table is more flexible and elegant. If your goal is more than making space in your room, then consider a folding table.

In addition, you can complement your round table with a classy round chandelier. This arrangement will look great if you expand the table, so reconsider it according to your arrangements.

What Makes an Antique Drop Leaf Table Valuable?

What do all the above table styles have in common? They all have a mixture of designs, high-quality material, innovative craftsmanship, artistic vision, and a long lifespan. The cherry on top is that they are exceptional and rare items that gain value over time.

While purchasing an antique drop-leaf table enthusiastically, remember to understand its worth and your needs. Although, spending money on such furniture is like an investment because it will last longer than other furniture.

Also, you should know that the items with high-quality material experience a continuous increase in their value. Later, if you want to change your interior, you can resell it for a fair value. 

In Conclusion

Antique drop-leaf tables are quite valuable in the furniture market due to their rarity and strong structure. We have mentioned all the significant factors about the table which will help you choose the right one for your house. 

All these specifications make the table ideal for many people all across the world. When you are not using the table, you can fold it and set it against a wall as a solace table.

So, you can find this table in oval, round, and plain shapes, the legs are connected by stretchers. These small details make the table perfect for places that are partially challenged.

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