Ivory, Fake or Real

Ivory, Fake or Real

The ivory expert has no problem telling the difference between real ivory and the assorted fakes. But what about the rest of us? Are there telltale signs to help us distinguish real ivory from bone? Celluloid? Resin? The answer to

Antique Key

Antique Key: Identification & Value Guide

Humans invented locks to protect his/her belongings from getting lost, damaged, or stolen. And only a key can open the lock to let you access the secured items. The more or less medieval tool still manages to remain with human

Antique Mirror Identification & Value Guide

Antique Mirror: Identification & Value Guide

Antiques can explicitly induce further décor to the room without question. And almost everybody gets fascinated about antique mirrors to feature history, style & elegance. But finding a match to vintage mirrors remains one of the most difficult tasks. Housing

Best Online Antique Stores

30 Best Online Antique Stores

Getting your hands on rare antiques is a pretty time-consuming, daunting & troublesome task. But searching the online stores can immediately relieve the distorting stress. And lots of shops/stores are setting a website to reach the customers. However, antique business

23 Best Places to Buy Vintage Furniture Online

23 Best Places to Buy Vintage Furniture Online

Your home décor remains incomplete without some well-curated antique pieces. But you don’t have to risk your life on a traditional flea-market purchase. In fact, the booming online business stands ready to bring affordable vintage furniture under your fingertips. Likewise,

Antique Furniture -Identification-Value Guide

Antique Furniture: Identification & Value Guide

Inherent beauty with everlasting fascination always prevails with antique furniture. Many secrets from the past as well as enriched materials get to adorn the house. In fact, the past-time prestigious artwork remains almost absent in everyday modern furniture. And it

How Do you Identify an Antique Clock.files

How Do you Identify an Antique Clock?

Old-time clocks always seem to attract passionate collectors from all over the world. Its artistic value stands the test of time, holding a competition with modern/advanced/technical clocks. But the subject’s extent goes pretty wide to somewhat narrow, depending on your

Tea Table

How to Identify Antique Tables: Ultimate Guide 2021

Antiques stand for something valuable. Now this “valuable” term can be defined from a different perspective like money, traditional values, aesthetics, rarity; therefore, sometimes it also may depend on the age of the product. A table is an integral part

9 Tips To Treat Woodworm in Antique Furniture

9 Tips To Treat Woodworm in Antique Furniture

Seeing dozens of tiny holes bored into your treasured antique furniture can be distressing. After all, you probably paid big bucks for it or the piece holds deep nostalgic meaning and you want it in the best shape. Woodworms, which

What's the Difference Between Vintage And Antique

What’s the Difference Between Vintage And Antique ?

In the world of collectibles, fashion, and décor, age is not just a number. The real or estimated age of an item can influence its value, quality, condition, and even its market price. To the layperson, terms such as vintage,