18 Vintage Mickey Mouse Stuffed Animals Worth Collecting

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that I grew up with Mickey Mouse. Not only did I have Mickey Mouse dolls and stuffed toys, but it was also printed on the back of my school bag, bed sheet, pillow covers, lunch boxes, and almost everything.

My dearest attachment to the cartoon character made me a rare Mickey Mouse toy collector today. Whenever I see a vintage Mickey Mouse toy sitting for sale, I always get nostalgic about the Mickey Mouse plushies and stuffed toys I had as a child.

Not only mine, but Mickey holds a special place in many hearts. One reason why vintage Mickey Mouse plush toys are one of the most sought-after vintage toys on the market now is that the character is a core childhood memory that people want to preserve as an antique.

Another reason is that you can save a lot of money if you get your hands on a suitable toy. You will be blown away when you find out how much Mickey Mouse is worth in stuffed toys, depending on the manufacturing year, design, and model.

If you are a Mickey Mouse toy collector and enthusiast, you don’t want to miss out on the rest of this article.

Mickey Mouse Stuffed Toys: A Historical Overview

The first Mickey Mouse movie, Steamboat Willie, debuted in 1928 in cinemas. Needless to say, the film was quite a hit. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse instantly came into popularity. 

Two years after the widespread release of the film, Disney contracted a designer named Charlotte Clark to design the first-ever Mickey Mouse doll. Clark created the first Mickey Mouse stuffed doll in her Los Angeles home. She further obtained permission from Disney to make stuffed toys of cartoon characters and sell them in stores.

And just like that, Disney made its way into the merchandise games. Charlotte Clark additionally designed patterns of Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters so homemakers could start their own production of stuffed toys. She also was simultaneously mass producing on her own, including special orders from Walt Disney himself. Her manufacturing company made stuffed dolls of Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and Donald Duck.

Following the legacy of Charlotte Clark’s early 1930s plush designs, Disney fans constantly demanded more merchandise. Disney partnered with several companies and licensed them to produce Mickey Mouse stuffed toys.

One of the most prominent contracts was the Gund Manufacturing Company in 1947. Charlotte Clark was still overseeing the designs made by Gund until her retirement in 1958.

Disney showed no signs of stopping. They kept updating the design and quality of Mickey Mouse stuffed toys. You can find the premium design and quality of Mickey Mouse stuffed toys officially being sold by toy companies. Although genuine antiques are always seen from somewhere unexpected, they are the ones that can make you a fortune.

18 Vintage Mickey Mouse Stuffed Toys Worth Collecting

If you are in search of vintage Mickey Mouse stuffed dolls, let me introduce you to the 18 vintage Mickey Mouse stuffed dolls that are absolutely worth keeping an eye out for.

Most of the stuffed toys in this list were manufactured around the 1930s, the period when Mickey Mouse was newly introduced.

1. 1930 Charlotte Clark First Ever Mickey and Minnie Mouse Dolls, $150,000

1930 Charlotte Clark First Ever Mickey and Minnie Mouse Dolls

These dolls were made in 1930 by Charlotte Clark and her 16-year-old artistic nephew, Bob Clampett.

These dolls were the first ever commercially produced Disney Mickey Mouse stuffed toys, and they are worth a lot of money today as vintage.

These beautiful Charlotte Clark Mickey & Minnie dolls are made with stuffed velvet and were recently sold for $150,000. Sure, if you ever come across them, it wouldn’t be an easy buy, but their price is set to go higher with time.

2. Knickerbocker Minnie Mouse Stuffed Toy, Circa 1935, $3,000 – $5,000

Knickerbocker Minnie Mouse Stuffed Toy, Circa 1935
Image Source: Turn Trash Into Cash (turntrash2)

Let’s put Minnie Mouse in the spotlight as well. While Mickey Mouse was the most famous of all characters in Disney, Minnie Mouse was right behind him.

Knickerbocker manufactured Minnie Mouse toys as well. And this one right here is a fine example of vintage Minnie Mouse dolls. Manufactured around 1935, this stuffed Minnie Mouse doll is in excellent condition.

She is perfectly dressed with her skirt buttons and shoulder scarf flower intact, almost as if no one played with her or if that someone restored her — something to think about.

This Minnie Mouse stuffed doll is estimated to be between $3,000 and $5,000. The current availability of the doll is unknown, but it is best to keep an eye out for a unique piece like this.

3. Antique Steiff Mickey Mouse Velvet Doll 1930s, $3,500

Antique Steiff Mickey Mouse Velvet Doll 1930s
Image Source: eBay (ebayimg)

This antique Mickey Mouse velvet stuffed doll was made in the 1930s by a toy manufacturing company called Steiff. The stuffed animal is around 9 inches tall and has visibly minor fade and tear.

The Mickey Mouse is missing a tail and no attempts have been made to restore it. It is currently being privately sold on eBay valued at $3,500.

4. Rare 1930s Knickerbocker Cowboy Mickey Mouse Stuffed Doll, $2,500

Rare 1930s Knickerbocker Cowboy Mickey Mouse Stuffed Doll
Image Source: eBay (ebayimg)

This vintage stuffed animal toy was manufactured in the 1930s by Knickerbocker, one of the best toy manufacturing companies of the time. The Mickey Cowboy toy is approximately 16 inches tall and is in visibly good condition, except for a missing hat, some crazing at the bottom of the left foot, and a missing part of the tail.

The stuffed animal has been through a lot in the hands of kids; the soiling and stains can be seen. The private seller is not 100% sure about the originality of the metal guns attached to the sides of Mickey’s waist. The toy is currently for sale on eBay for $2,500.

5. Antique Mickey Mouse Pie-Eyed Stuffed Doll Signed by Disney, $2,500

Antique Mickey Mouse Pie-Eyed Stuffed Doll Signed by Disney
Image Source: eBay (ebayimg)

Here is an antique and limited-edition model of a Mickey Mouse stuffed doll known as Pie-Eyed. The one is pie-eyed because the eyes are drawn in the shape of a pie with one cut-out piece.

This is not a toy, and it was not produced commercially. Walt Disney personally commissioned this stuffed animal to give to someone as a gift, which makes it more of an ornament than a toy.

The doll comes in a box and a gift card. Mickey M signs the box, and the card includes the address and name of the person who received it for the first time. The private seller dates it somewhere between 1930 and 1960.

The excellent, stainless condition hints that no one played with this doll much. It is currently on sale on eBay for $2,500.

6. 1931 Vintage George Borgfeldt Mickey Mouse Plush Doll, $2,400

1931 Vintage George Borgfeldt Mickey Mouse Plush Doll
Image Source: eBay (ebayimg)

George Borgfeldt was a toy licensing and manufacturing company that Disney was partnered with for an extended period. George Borgfeldt made this doll in the USA.

This antique doll was another addition to the pie-eyed design of Mickey Mouse dolls. The doll is visibly kept in good condition and shape, except for yet another case of a missing tail.

According to the seller, who’s currently selling the stuffed toy on eBay for $2,400, the Mickey Mouse doll was reviewed by a Disney expert, and it was revealed that the toy is American made from the year 1931-32 and that it also appeared on the episode of the Little Rascals.

7. 1930s Knickerbocker Mickey Mouse, $2,395

1930s Knickerbocker Mickey Mouse
Image Source: eBay (ebayimg)

Here is another vintage Knickerbocker Cowboy Mickey Mouse stuffed animal doll listed on eBay for $2,395. The toy is visibly in good condition, except for a missing hat.

The “two guns” Mickey Mouse Cowboy stands around 14.5 inches, a little bit shorter than the previous one. The hard shoes and upright structure of the stuffed doll make her stand on the doll stand, which comes with the toy.

8. Antique 1930 Charlotte Clark Mickey Mouse Stuffed Doll, $1,550

Antique 1930 Charlotte Clark Mickey Mouse Stuffed Doll
Image Source: eBay (ebayimg)

This rare piece of Mickey Mouse stuffed toy was reportedly made in 1930 by none other than Charlotte Clark, the official business partner of Disney and the first ever Mickey Mouse toy manufacturer.

The toy is 18 inches tall and has a wire armature on its legs. The toy is clad with corduroy fabric. Some stains on the face and shoes hint towards its antiquity. However, it is being sold by a private seller on eBay for $1,550.

9. Scarce 1930s Walt Disney Knickerbocker Eastern Outfit Mickey Mouse, $1,500

Scarce 1930s Walt Disney Knickerbocker Eastern Outfit Mickey Mouse
Image Source: eBay (ebayimg)

This toy is a rare 1930s edition of Disney’s “Eastern Outfit” Mickey Mouse stuffed animal made by Knickerbocker.

This Cloth Compo doll is dressed in an eastern outfit, not a cowboy, and measures 12 inches. Apart from the small visible tear at the top of his head, the mouse seems to be in good condition – well, as good as it can be after surviving for nearly a hundred years.

This toy initially came with a hat, which is missing now. The staining and wearing of clothes make it seem like it was played with a lot. This doll was manufactured in limited quantities, so it’s tough to come by. This scarce Mickey Mouse stuffed doll is available on eBay for $1,500.

10. 1940s Gund Mickey & Minnie Mouse Stuffed Animals, $1,500

1940s Gund Mickey & Minnie Mouse Stuffed Animals
Image Source: Turn Trash Into Cash (turntrash2)

This one was one of the most popular toys Disney ever had manufactured. This couple of Mickey & Minnie Mouse stuffed dolls were manufactured in significant quantities by Gund Company around the 1940s and were sold as couples.

These velveteen plush couple dolls are dressed most uniquely and appealingly. The last sale of these dolls is unknown, but the value is estimated at around $1,500. Keep an eye out!

11. Vintage Mickey & Minnie “Lenci” Dolls, $850

Vintage Mickey & Minnie “Lenci” Dolls
Image Source: eBay (ebayimg)

This set of vintage dolls comes in a pair; Mickey Mouse and his sweetheart Minnie Mouse. This doll was manufactured around the 1930s in Argentina with a technique known as Lenci.

Lenci dolls are stuffed, wool-felt dolls featuring hard-pressed wool faces. Their fabric is made of wool and is decorated with flowers. They are one of the “luxury” kinds of dolls.

The design of these dolls is very appealing and rare. They are visibly in pretty good condition, except for a tiny sewing point on the left hand of one of the dolls. Once they are clean, the dolls can be in perfect shape and appearance. Despite the dolls’ rarity and antiquity, they are on sale on eBay for $850.

12. Rare and Antique Charlotte Clark’s Mickey Mouse Doll from the 1930s, $445

Rare and Antique Charlotte Clark's Mickey Mouse Doll from the 1930s
Image Source: eBay (ltkcdn)

We have an antique and rare Mickey Mouse stuffed doll from the 1930s, designed and manufactured in Charlotte Clark’s home doll house.

Except for some minor wear and stains, this toy was in excellent condition and was last sold on eBay for $445. Keep an eye out for it.

13. Antique 1930s Charlotte Clark’s Mickey Mouse Stuffed Toy, $205

Antique 1930s Charlotte Clark’s Mickey Mouse Stuffed Toy
Image Source: eBay (ltkcdn)

This stuffed doll right here is another piece of history. Manufactured by Charlotte Clark in the 1930s, this doll features Mickey Mouse wearing his green shorts with buttons intact.

It has a wire attached to its hip, possibly suggesting it was meant to be hanged somewhere. Collectors should find it easy to put it on display with their collection.

This doll was last spotted on eBay and sold for just $205. It’s best to keep an eye out for it; it can prove to be a good investment.

14. Vintage 1960s – 70s Little Mickey Mouse Stuffed Plush Toy, $40

Vintage 1960s - 70s Little Mickey Mouse Stuffed Plush Toy
Image Source: eBay (ltkcdn)

The last one on our list is a cute little stuffed plushie of smiling Mickey Mouse. This American-made stuffed doll didn’t stay long on the online vintage market.

This stuffed plush toy is 42 cm tall and features Mickey Mouse in red shorts, yellow boots, and a yellow bow around the neck. The face and design features are too bright and new to date to the earliest period. It was made around the 1960s to 1970s.

A private seller sold it last on eBay for the best offer of around $40. Considering the low price, it can prove to be a solid investment if one keeps it for a few years in the same condition.

15. Vintage Mickey & Minnie Cowboy Plush Toys

Vintage Mickey & Minnie Cowboy Plush Toys
Image Source: WorthPoint (worthpoint)

These adorable Cowboy Mickey & Cowgirl Minnie dolls show in brown cowboy hats and chaps. The year these dolls were manufactured is unknown, but the design is somewhat 1930s.

They are in excellent condition, standing 18 inches tall in perfect stitching. The beautiful stuffed pair is currently being bid on WorthPoint.

16. 1930s Rare & Vintage Charlotte Clark Minnie Mouse Stuffed Toy

1930s Rare & Vintage Charlotte Clark Minnie Mouse Stuffed Toy
Image Source: WorthPoint (worthpoint)

Rare, vintage, and in excellent condition, this antique Minnie Mouse stuffed toy has got it all. It was designed and made by Charlotte Clark, and auction houses have declared it 100% authentic.

Standing at 12 inches, this cute little stuffed animal has something that most vintage toys don’t, which is its hat. It is currently available to bid on WorthPoint.

17. 1930s Vintage Disney Minnie Mouse Stuffed Doll

1930s Vintage Disney Minnie Mouse Stuffed Doll
Image Source: eBay (worthpoint)

Here is another Minnie Mouse stuffed doll from the same era, the 1930s. Dressed in a plaid pink skirt and hat, this all-black, white-faced Minnie Mouse doll is a unique piece in the vintage market and is available for bidding on WorthPoint.

Reportedly, the style and design hint that Steiff produced it, but there is no way to be sure. Its exquisite design and near-mint condition make it appealing for vintage Disney stuffed animal collectors.

18. Vintage Stuffed Mickey Mouse Doll from Pre-1960

Vintage Stuffed Mickey Mouse Doll from Pre-1960
Image Source: WorthPoint (worthpoint)

This stuffed animal is relatively newer than others on this list. We know it was produced before 1960, but the exact year is unknown. The tag on the toy reads Walt Disney Characters, Manufactured by California Stuffed Toys.

Except for some wear, the doll is currently in excellent condition. Mickey is wearing his iconic red shorts with yellow buttons. His eyes are made of plastic.

Standing at 15 inches, this vintage Mickey Mouse stuffed doll is open for bidding on WorthPoint.


There is no count of stuffed Mickey Mouse dolls in the vintage market. Everyone is clearing out their attics and finding these cute dolls to sell for top dollar.

Have you recently checked your attic? You can get lucky in this game, too. And if you want to invest in one as a collector, make sure you gather all the info you can and beware of the fakes.

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