Vintage Huffy Bike Model: Identification and Value Guide

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Did you own a bike as a kid?

Might be as a birthday gift from your Parents..

Or your Grandfather.

How about you getting to ride one while growing up? Either from a friend or relative?

Well, I did,

I had a cool blue bike when I was around the age of 12 or 13.

My father made it a surprise Package after I pleaded with him because I wanted one so badly.

It was a big one. And the framework for it was so amazing, that I could ride it all day in my backyard.

Chances are, these bikes might have been a Huffy Creation and we didn’t even know.

Vintage Bikes have been in existence for over 40 years so it is possible.

What is a Huffy Bike?

These are a special series of bikes manufactured by the Huffy Company founded in the year 1892.

Strongly characterized by their Great Durability and amazing Prices, making them quite affordable for an average person.

They were the first set of bikes to be produced.

But they are known specifically for good stability on Mountains and Steep Hills.

They are characterized by their set of wheels, tires, aluminum body frames with the seats, brakes, and pedals, they are made with unique features such as Disc Brakes, and Shimano gears which are seen and known to be quite costly and found on expensive bikes due to their efficiency and great strength.

Produced with aluminum frames that are carefully selected to be lightweight and comfortable, these bikes provide convenient status for acceleration.

The Huffy Bikes are also crafted with tensile steel frames.

These Tensile Steel frames were carefully selected because it improves their qualities by providing great strength and at the same time, giving them a remarkable lightweight feature and also easy to maintain.

These features give them accolades by their riders for a great balance and comfort on rocky platforms.

They have been in existence for approximately 130 Years, making them iconic based on their history.

Vintage Huffy Bikes

The confusion about Antique And Vintage Items stands to be a regular topic day in and day out.

But, There is a real difference between the Antique Items and the Vintage Items.

Antique Items are simply those Items that fall into the category of inventories backdated to a hundred years of age, or older. That is, they are the sets of Items that are aged between the early 1800s and early 1900s.

Vintage Items, on the other hand, are relatively younger than the Antiques. This means that they are the set of Items that were made at least forty years ago.

Basically within the range of 1918 to 1978 – middle 19th Century.

Down to the late 1900s…

Therefore, these Bicycles in Question, fall under the Vintage era. As they were created between the 1920s and the 1990s.

It was extended to the early 2000s with extra concern for Children. They were created in conjunction with several Cartoon Characters that were produced during that time with the sole purpose of bringing joy and gladness to every family.

Historical Background

The Legendary Huffy Bikes started its production in the late 1800s.

It was named after a Man called George P. Huffman who bought a Sewing Machine Company at his former residence in Watertown, Maine.

Gradually, they managed to make their way into the Chinese market after moving to a new location in Dayton, Ohio. But this didn’t work out well due to the low outcome of sales and rates on the Machines. This brought about the idea of Bicycle Inventions simply because they needed to try out other methods to succeed.

The Davis Sewing Machine Company then made their First Dayton Bike with Victory three years later, in 1890.

But this invention was not accepted with great admiration in the market. Instead, It was put to a halt as the market was brutal about the unbelievable price reduction and manipulation they were receiving after they had tagged their products to the cheapest rate it could go.

Strolling down to 1924, Horace M. Huffman, the noble Son of George Huffman, finally got to establish his own Company registered as the Huffman Manufacturing Company formerly known as the Huffman Corporation.

Then, they became popular in the American Cycling Industry by the high contribution of Horace in bringing back the Cycling Industry in 1930.

This was done by the swift production of entry-level bicycles for sales.

The Corporation decided to make these bikes in large quantities as there was a very high demand for this new inventory due to the inflation rate of expenses for Cars and Gasoline in 1930.

In 1934, Horace Huffman decided to announce that they were about to hatch great plans of building Bicycles as their own Business as this was a major problem for the people of America during the period of the Great Depression.

The Great Depression was an excruciating period in the early 19th century, between 1929 and 1939, when there was a great fall in stock prices.

This affected everybody in the United States and was later announced worldwide on October 29, 1929, tagged as Black Tuesday when the Stock market crash was almost a nightmare.

This period lasted for ten whole years. People had to find other means to survive because life was tough. Millions of investors were broken, and the Market was becoming a failure.

Although this period started initially in the United States, It affected almost every country in the World, causing terrible means of deflation and scarcity everywhere.

Then the Great Idea struck. Horace found an alternative to make life a little better for them and decided to create another means of transportation that didn’t need energy or Petroleum products to move around.

Then he Introduced the Huffy Bicycles, simply to relieve a little stress from their necks.

It indeed worked because sales went out of space. It was booming massively. It was a really big hit! So big that they had hit the $1.4 Million Milestone in 1940.

They continued to make bikes under the Dayton Brand until the mid-1940s when the Huffman Company introduced these bicycles in their name.

The Huffman Bicycles created a landmark in History by producing over 4000 bicycles specially dedicated to the military as their contribution to their services during World War II after closing a contract with the government. Thereby making their revenue have a skyrocketing profit of up to $3 Million.

They needed a new strategy to make the sales move faster, more valuable, and less time-consuming on production. So Huffman attended a seminar where entrepreneurs were taught new tips and techniques that could help them to boost their sales rapidly and work twice the energy.

The result was incredible. After two years of consistency in practice and production, the Huffman Corporation had hit its 10million Dollars Stage!

In 1949, The Company produced its first exclusive Bike called The Convertible, specially made for Children with attached training wheels.

By the year 1950, The Convertible was undeniably the first Bicycle ever produced by any manufacturer with training wheels.

All Huffman cycles were successfully sold and purchased under the rightful brand, Huffman Manufacturing Company in the year 1953.

They earned the position of becoming the third-largest cycling company in America after Seven years of great work and effort in the year 1960.

In 1968, Huffman led the IPO on the American Stock Exchange.

While gaining mastery in the Stock Exchange, the Company was already reaching $42 million the following year. Their business was booming incredibly.

Overall, the company produced over 2 million Bikes each year and it became the biggest bicycle manufacturer even outside China.

The business was moving fine until the 1990s era when the USA price rate began to escalate and had a higher level of control over the bicycle trade.

This happened due to unjustified rules of the government whereby they were forced to accept the low margins.

They tried every means to get back on their feet, pay cuts for their loyal staff, and even extended their products to China but this only sustained them for a while.

In 1970, the company formed a Bicycle and Sporting Goods Organization that was wrapped around the mini production and supervision of Sporting goods and equipment.

Here is a Video on the Rise and Fall of the Huffy Bikes Company. The story is well clarifying for you to understand how their journey began.

This lasted right until 2004 when they later had to sell the organization to a Russell Corporation.

During the 2000s era, while they were ordered to follow the low-cost margins by the government,

The Huffy Manufacturing Company was at a great loss as prices went down drastically to almost 40%!

It was so low and non-benefitting that they had to File for Bankruptcy Protection in 2004 under the US Bankruptcy Code.

Huffman Manufacturing Company Logo

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The Huffy Logo was Created in 1953 when the Huffman manufacturing company decided to move their products completely to fall under their new brand.

Huffy Bike Models And Values

Huffy Bikes have a wide variety of bicycles with their purpose and are symbolic of the years they were created.

These bikes are known for their Smart and attractive Framework, lightweight design, and their affordable prices.

If you are the type that just needs something portable that can work efficiently on a casual day with great comfort and is not expensive, then a Huffy Bike fits in perfectly and works best with these features.

There were models made for different categories of people and kids too.

Made to fit in with the average family.

They were also made for special occasions like Mountain Cruises, Road Races, and the likes.

Varieties of these bikes are the Mountain Bikes, Unicycles, Cruiser Bikes, Folding Bikes, Electric Bikes, and so on.

An affordable Huffy Bike or a regular Huffy Bike was sold for less than $200 depending on its condition, model, and generation.

The Radio Bike is found to be sold for $1500 to $2000.

Although these bikes are said to be very strong compared to their physical attraction, it does not necessarily mean it is one to last forever.

But if you want an efficient bike with great comfort and can still work on hard days and is not too expensive, (emphasis on the price range), then this is the nearest stop for a purchase.

These Vintage Huffy Bikes have historically made an impact in the Olympic Games by supplying their Bicycles for US Athletes.

It Seemed like these Huffy bikes had a hint of Magic In them because they happened to win the race in the 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympics taking the general place of grabbing Two Gold Medals, Two Silver Medals, and One Bronze respectively.

Crazy right?

Well if you want to know how much these bikes are worth and where to find them,

Stay glued and Read on.

These Bike models are listed below with their names and according to the year they were produced.

● Huffman Dayton Streamliner

● Huffy Convertible Bike

Huffy Radiobike
The Dragster
● Children Bike

● The Scout

● Monoshock Bike

● The Thunder Trail

● Silver Thunder Bike

● BMX and Road Racing Bikes

● Sigma Bike

The Warner Bros. Age of Huffy Bikes. (Cartoon Inspired Bicycles)
The Stone Mountain
The Blade Bike
The Huffy BMX
● BMX Bike Line

● Ironman Line

● Scooters

● Micro scooters

● Green Machine Bike

This Table is Simplified to give a better understanding of the series of Bike models made year after year.

How Valuable are Vintage Huffy Bikes?

Although the Huffy bikes are traced to be produced as far back as 1940, Most Vintage Collectors hunt for Bikes produced from the 60s to the 80s.

This is because they became very popular at that time and they made more models during that period.

You can tell if a Huffy Bike is Vintage by looking out for trademarks with the name HUFFY on the frame in Large letters.

Bikes of the 1990s are worth $300 or less while the other Classics might have Fluctuating Prices.

The Worth Of Vintage Huffy Bike Models

This Guide is Specially written to help you with determining the kind of Bike you are interested in and to know its worth.

So these are a few of the Vintage Bike Models that are found to be worth a certain price or be within the price range.

  • The Dragster (the 1960s)
THE DRAGSTER (the 1960s)
Source:Image Credit

The Dragster Bike was produced during the 1960s Era.

Its Features Include:

  1. The 20-inch wheel Size
  2. High Handlebars and;
  3. Ideal Banana Inspired Seats.

They are known to be worth $20–$50 on online Sites(eBay).

  • The Huffy Scout Bike
Source:Image Credit

A Classy Mountain Bike specifically made for Men.

Its Features:

  1. 26-Inch Wheel Size
  2. Comfortable Butt Seats
  3. Strong for Intense Mountain Games

They are known to be worth $96-$112.34 on the Walmart Website.

  • Huffy Monoshock
Source:Image Source

Its Features:

  1. 20-Inch Wheel Size
  2. Comfortable Seats

They are known to be worth $300-$350 on Online Sites.

  • The Huffy Thunder Trail Bike (1978)

Its Features:

  1. 12-Inch to 26-Inch Wheel Size (Kiddies Version to Adults)
  2. Handlebar Pad and Rear Fender

They are known to be worth $11.50(Low rate) to $3,940(High Rate) with an average of $929.70

  • Huffy Silver Thunder Bike

Its Features:

  1. Padded Handlebar
  2. Front Handbrake and Rear Coaster Brake Combination

They are known to be worth $300 on eBay in Good Condition.

  • Huffy Sigma Bikes (the 1980s)
Source:Image Source

The Sigma bikes are significant for Great usage by the US athletes during the 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympic Games where they took home two Shiny Gold Medals, Two Silver Medals, and One Bronze.

Its Features Include:

  1. 20-Inch Wheel Size
  2. Handbrakes
  3. Disk Wheel Covers

They are known to be worth $15(Low rate) – to $250(High Rate) with an average of $105.

  • Huffy Stone Mountain Bikes
Source:Image Source 

This bike is great for Outdoor games and bumpy Mountain Rides to Explore. It is also Ideal for Kids from the ages 5-to 9.

Its Features Include:

  1. 20-Inch Wheel Size
  2. A 6-Speed GearShift
  3. Glossy Hardtail Frame with detachable Handlebar
  4. Comfortable Seats and Pedal
  5. Removable SHIMANO  TZ-31 rear derailleur Guide.

They are known to be worth $80.

  • The Huffy Blade Bike
Source:Image Source

 This is a Mountain Bike for Great Adventures. Suitable for all Ages and convenient for men and women in general.

Its Features include:

  1. 26-Inch Wheel Size
  2. 18-Speed Mountain Bike
  3. SHIMANO rear derailleur Guide

They are known to be worth $128 at Walmart.

  • Huffy Bmx (1997)

Its Features include:

  1. 20-Inch Wheel Size
  2. 20” Aluminum Frame with an edgy design
  3. Flat Resin pedals with diamond pattern grips to keep you in control.
  4. Adjustable rear V-shaped brake for solid Braking Assists.

They are found to be worth $98–$182.71.

You can get them at Walmart, eBay, and the Huffybikes website.

  • 2000s BMX Line
2000s BMX Line
Source:Image source

Its Features:

  1. Axilus BMX Red Race bike
  2. 20-Inch Wheel Size
  3. Anti-lock Brakes

They are found to be worth 14.95–$209.99.

Check them out on the HuffyBikes website.

  • 2000 Huffy Enigma
2000 Huffy Enigma
Source:Image source

 Its Features:

  1. 20-Inch Wheel Size
  2. 5-inch Toptube Length
  3. 1-⅛ Inch Headtube Size

They are found to be worth $599.

Other Bikes included in the BMX Collections are:

  1. The Exist BMX Race Bike
  2. Radium BMX style Kiddies’ bike
  3. Revolt BMX Bike
  4. Revolt BMX Bike (Metallic Grey)
  5. HX Comp BMX Racebike,
  6. Kyro Kids’ BMX Style in Dark Red
  7. HX Pro BMX Race Bike
  8. Symbol Freestyle BMX Racebike
  9. Jazzmin Kids’ BMX Style Bike
  10. Huffy Grow 2 Go, Balance to Pedal Kids Bike

These and the likes of many others are specially made for Kids.

They are all worth within the range of $109.99 – $300.

You can find out more information about them on the Huffybikes website.

  • Huffy Ironman (Marvel) Bike
Huffy Ironman (Marvel) Bike
Source:Image source

Its Features:

  1. Iron Man 3 theme Seat– Junior Padded ATB with sleek graphics and melded Seatpost
  2. 16- Inch Wheel Size x 2.125- Inch Sidewalk
  3. Additional Training Wheels for better stability.
  4. Steel Unicrown Fork with leading edge dropouts
  5. Electronic Lights and Sound plaque with melded bash guards.

They are found to be worth $850 – $1000.

Sites to be found at:

Amazon, budget bicycle, eBay.

  • Huffy Micro Scooters
Source:Image source

Its Features:

  1. Material is aluminum
  2. 100mm inline wheels
  3. Steel rear Fender foot brake
  4. Height adjustable Handlebars
  5. Foldable for easy locomotion

They are found to be worth $33- $90 on some websites, and $1000 – $2000 on others.

Depending on its Condition, Model and Appearance.

Can be found on Walmart, eBay, and other online sites.

  • The Huffy Green Machine
Source:Image source

This was produced in the 2000s era. Specifically built for kids between the age of 7 and above.

Its Features:

  1. Sleek Extra wide Rear-wheel Size and 20-Inch Front Wheel Size.
  2. Provides a speed of 180 degrees which makes it super cool and fun to ride.
  3. 59” in Length, 30” in Width, and 22” in Height as its Dimension.
  4. Fully Adjustable Back Seats; can move back and forth.
  5. Includes a trigger hand brake,
  6. Made with a durable frame made from Alloy Steel in Charcoal Black and Green Highlights.

They are found to be worth $98.36 on Konga,

$59.99- $260.31 on Amazon, and in Walmart for $119.

Vintage Bikes are very Scarce in these modern times.

Places to find these Bikes

The Most Common Online Sites to find these Vintage Properties are The HuffyBike website, eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

They can also be found at regular auction sales, at an art Curator, Vintage or Antique Collectors, or at Exquisite and Historical Art Exhibitions.

The Huffy Manufacturing Company holds History as they have great Value based on their Journey and promising Consistency in manufacturing bikes (THE HUFFY BIKES) for Mankind.

So if you happen to own a Huffy bike or it has been in your family line, consider yourself a Royalty, because it is currently a great Treasure to possess.

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