12 Most Valuable Tom Clark Gnomes: Value and Price Guide

Tom Clark is easily the most prolific sculptors in the figurine industry. Inspired by the cover art of the book “Gnomes”, Tom Clark sculpted his first gnome in 1978 for his own amusement.

Before long it became big business and a wide variety of Tom Clark gnomes were made. Today, many of these gnomes have become collectibles that are worth serious money.

What Tom Clark gnomes are valuable? This article will answer this question. We’ll also tell you what Tom Clark gnomes are made of, what marks authenticate Tom Clark gnomes, and how to clean Tom Clark gnomes.

12 Most Valuable Tom Clark Gnomes

Below, we’ve identified 12 of the most valuable Tom Clark gnomes out there.

The 7 Up Turtle Train
Tom Clark Gnome Boofey
Tom Clark Shell Oyl Edition #0
Tom Clark Gnome Olin
Tom Clark Gnome Wizard
Tom Clark Tobee Finch Gnome
Tom Clark Gnome Hap
Tom Clark Gnome Gingerbread House
Tom Clark Gnome Abner
The American Dream vs the Mad Russian
Tom Clark Gnome Azalea
Tom Clark Gnome Bick

1. The 7 Up Turtle Train

Year: 1984

Price: $1,575

Tom Clark Gnome, The 7 Up, Turtle Train, Item #1070, Edition 29

The 7 Up Tom Clark Gnome is one of the rarest around. It features not one gnome but seven. All seven gnomes are riding a large turtle as a train.

The detailing is awesome – all seven gnomes have their individual characteristics coming through. The name of this piece (7 Up) is not just because it features 7 gnomes, but also because the gnomes are named after soft drinks – Tab, Shasta, Sprite, Pib, Bark, RC, and Doc.

Other exciting details include the basket on food (sausages) on the right side of the turtle train, as well as the leaves and rubbish that the turtle glides over.

The 7 Up Turtle Train Tom Clark Gnome is signed by Tom Clark himself. You’ll see this on the turtle’s shell. It measures 10″ x 13″. It is a limited edition that was produced in 1984. Amazingly, it is in near perfect condition, with the original packaging even available.

Being quite old, very hard to find, and in near-perfect condition, as well as being a signed edition, the 7 Up is one of the most valuable Tom Clark out there. It is priced at $1,575.

2. Tom Clark Gnome Boofey $799.99

Year: 1980

Price: $799.99

Tom Clark Gnome Boofey
Tom Clark Gnome Boofey

Boofey is one valuable Tom Clark Gnome. He is special in many ways especially for being very unique one-of-a-kind rider. How many crab riders do you now of? Well, meet Boofey.

Like many other Tom Clark gnomes, Boofey dons a pointed red hat and a blue coat. He sits on a giant crab, which brings its two big claws together and touching. To complete the aquatic theme, surrounding Boofey’s crab are different types of shells. You’ll find conch shells, auger shells, clam shells, and scallop shells. The detail of Boofey’s ride is very impressive.

The Tom Clark Boofey gnome is also hand-signed. You’ll find this on the rear of the crab just below where Boofey sits. Boofey was created in 1980. It is basically the earliest edition of Harris. Also, it is in mint condition. Being so rare and so pristine, it is one of the most valuable Tom Clark gnomes. It comes at $799.99.

3. Tom Clark Shell Oyl Edition #0 $500

Year: –

Price: $500

Tom Clark Gnome Cain Studios Shell Oyl Edition #0
Tom Clark Gnome Cain Studios Shell Oyl Edition #0

This gnome is all about shells. The gnome dons a light green sweater, and is apparently in thought about his fancy shells. He stands on a pile of shells.

You’ll love the detailing. As with every Tom Clark gnome, the detailing of the jovial little man is perfect. The detailing of the wool hooded sweater is also great, especially with all the folds as the hood of the sweater is behind his head.

The detailing of the shells is also perfect. You can make out a variety of shells including scallops, augers, conch shells, and more. Different shells make up pile around the gnome, covering his legs, with a huge scallop facing up in his front.

Instead of the typical gnome hat, this shell-lover uses a huge scallop shell as his hat.  His sweater is also adorned with shells. Flanking his neck, like epaulette on his shoulders, are two smaller scallop shells. He carries a shoulder bag – a basket-full of shells. While his left hand is tucked away in his sweater pocket, his right hand proudly displays a big conch shell.

It is sad that every shell has a story. If so, this piece is story-filled. If you’re one of those that like striding along a beach, picking up and admiring the different shells lying in the sands, this Tom Clark gnome will appeal to you.

It is very hard to find, plus it is in great condition.  It is priced at $500.

4. Tom Clark Gnome Olin $500

Year: 1981

Price: $500

Tom Clark Gnome Olin
Tom Clark Gnome Olin

Olin is another very valuable Tom Clark Gnome. Donning his pointed red gnome hat and a blue jacket, Olin faces forward with a cute innocent look. He kneels on a pile made up of shells and rocks, while grasping (with both hands) a huge scallop shell.

Olin was created in 1981, and it is number 9 in a very limited edition. This hard to find Tom Clark gnome is also signed by the great man himself. You’ll find this on the right side of piece, on one of the stone’s making the pile that Olin is on.

Like virtually every other Tom Clark’s creation, Olin has his real coin (on the right side of the piece) which features markings of a crown.

Olin may be looking on pleadingly, but it is very commanding in the collectible’s market as it is priced almost $500.

5. Tom Clark Gnome Wizard $499

Year: 1978

Price: $499

Tom Clark Gnome Wizard
Tom Clark Gnome Wizard

This Tom Clark piece is a Wizard. If you love the whimsies of wizard, this will appeal to you.

It features the old wizard sitting on some pile made up of green leaves and some seeds including acorns. The wizard sits happily in his pile, with something like a toad in front of him. Once again, the detailing of the wizard’s green robe and hat is amazing, as well as that of the pile of rubbish around him.

This piece is made of resin and has a matte finish. It is about 7 inches wide and 6.25” tall. It was created in 1978 and retired in 1983, so not many were made. In fact, only 823 were made, so it is very hard to find today.

Apart from its rarity, another thing that makes this wizard very valuable is that it is hand-signed by Tom Clark himself, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. It is also in perfect condition – mint condition with no damage of any kind.

It is priced at $499.

6. Tom Clark Tobee Finch Gnome $450

Year: 2003

Price: $450

Tom Clark Tobee Finch Gnome
Tom Clark Tobee Finch Gnome

This rare Tom Clark Gnome named Tobee Finch comes with an interesting story. The story is that when the garden gnome was born, a singing Finch had landed on the window sill. Tobee had grown up to love birds and became responsible for keeping the feeders full.

If you love birds, this amazing Tobee Finch Tom Clark Gnome will resonate with you.

The story apart, the piece is beautiful, and features the intricate detailing characteristic of Tom Clark works. The green gnome dons a pointed gnome-hat, a red coat, and grey boots, each intricately showing folds and creases. The jovial man sits high on some statute, and cradles a bag of bird feed.

The Tobee Finch Gnome is from the line III Gnomes of Tom Clark. It dates back to 2003. It is a large piece that is 15” tall. Importantly, it commands a good amount as it is priced at $450.

7. Tom Clark Gnome Hap $400

Year: 1980

Price: $400

Tom Clark Gnome Hap
Tom Clark Gnome Hap

Meet Hap. He ditches the red gnome cap that most Tom Clark garden gnomes are known for, and goes for what looks like a brown witch hat. However, Hap is very much a garden gnome and not a witch. Everything around him speaks “green”; even his “witch hat” has leaves as the band.

Hap is curiously watching, his right hand akimbo, and his right arm against a decaying tree stump which is surrounded by leaves, mushrooms, dried fruits, and rocks. Hap has a leather belt around his waist that includes a brown waist bag. The detailing of the tree stump and its surrounding is typical of the intricate detailing of Tom Clark’s work

Hap is one of the early gnome pieces created in 1980 (edition 5). Today, it is a rare piece that is hard to find. Amazingly, this Hap piece is in excellent condition. No wonder it commands a whopping sum.

8. Tom Clark Gnome Gingerbread House $400

Year: 2001

Price: $400

Tom Clark Gnome Gingerbread HouseTom Clark Gnome Gingerbread House
Tom Clark Gnome Gingerbread House

The gingerbread house echoes fun. However, it is a piece that will make you appreciate the intricate detailing of Tom Clark’s pieces.

You’ll agree that a lot of things and thought go into making a creative gingerbread house. Now think of sculpting one with all those details. Tom Clark wows us with this piece. The house, which looks like a simple mud house, has toppings of candies, marshmallows, fruit strips, and more. Tom Clark adds two gnomes to the gingerbread house. The first little man is the house’s occupant, and has his head sticking out of a window. The second little man is obviously Santa Claus, on the roof, beside the chimney, bearing a basket of gift. You’ll make out a doll, a toy-horse, and candy canes. The detailing is exceptional.

This Tom Clark gingerbread house piece was made in 2001, and it is hand-signed by Tom Clark himself. While it is not as old (in age, not condition) as some of the other pieces in this list, it is as intricately carved and as rare. Thus, though it shows a few signs of use, it commands a good fee as it is priced at about $400.

9. Tom Clark Gnome Abner $350

Year: 1980

Price: $350

Tom Clark Gnome Abner
Tom Clark Gnome Abner

Abner is another garden gnome of Tom Clark that is very rare and valuable. Abner is also the typical gnome that we’ve come to know from Tom Clark – red hat, blue coat, and on a bed of leaves and acorns. However, with Abner on that leave-bed is a large basket, with the gnome seemingly about to put something into the basket. The detailing of the basket is outstanding, as its exterior shows the interwoven detail of real cane baskets.

Abner was made in 1980. It is number 12 in a limited edition. This piece is also pen-signed by Tom Clark himself. You’ll find the signature on one of the green leaves on the leave-bed, just behind the gnome.

With its exceptional detailing, and being hand-signed and one of the oldest gnome pieces, Abner is quite valuable and commands about $350.

10. The American Dream vs the Mad Russian $290

Year: 1988

Price: $290

The American Dream vs the Mad Russian
The American Dream vs the Mad Russian

The American Dream vs. the Mad Russian is a beautiful piece that features two gnomes, reclining facing each other. It appears that one is pulling the other’s leg.

The piece evokes happy feelings. The jovial men are really having a good time as their smiling features faces show. It is as detailed as any Tom Clark piece you’ll find – from the gnomes to the bed of leaves they are reclining on, to the ancient scroll on the bed, to the real coin on the bed which is characteristic of Tom Clark works.

The American Dream vs. the Mad Russian was made in 1988. It is a limited edition piece (edition #5). It is also signed in ink by Tom Clark himself. All of these make it a very special and valuable piece.

11. Tom Clark Gnome Azalea $200

Year: 2003

Price: $200

Tom Clark Gnome Azalea
Tom Clark Gnome Azalea

Azalea is a beautiful woman that enjoys the full blooms. The piece has her carrying a basket of flowers. The story behind it is that she nurses them indoor, and when they bloom, she takes them outside to be planted “so that they can bloom again in nature without being forced”. You’ll see that Azalea is a garden-person; even her hat is a folded leave. If you like flowers, this Tom Clark piece will resonate with you.

The Azalea piece shows intricate detailing. From her smiling face to her long dress, every line and/ or fold is in the right place. The acorns adorning her dress and the neckerchief around her neck are very detailed.

This Azalea piece is 14” high, and was created in 2003. It’s barely 20 years old, but it’s already a very rare and valuable Tom Clark’s piece. Its authenticity is sealed with an imprint of Tom Clark’s signature on Azalea’s back (on the shawl). Azalea will cost you $200.

12. Tom Clark Gnome Bick $199.99

Year: 1980

Price: $199.99

Tom Clark Gnome Bick
Tom Clark Gnome Bick

Bick is one very heart-warming gnome as he appears to be bearing gifts. He is a typical Tom Clark gnome – the jovial little man with red pointed hat, blue coat, and grey boots. In front of him are what appear to be gift packages. He’s all smiles, as he bends low to lift his package. Forming his base is a bed of leaves that includes a lot of acorns.

Bick was produced in 1980 (number 3 in a limited edition). The beautiful piece is 6 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide. This piece is also pen-signed by Tom Clark himself. You’ll find this on the right side of the bottom gift package.

Bick promises smiles. Surely, it’ll put smiles on your face and good money in your pocket if you manage to get your hand on him because it commands about $200.

What are Tom Clark gnomes worth?

Tom Clark gnomes typically sell for $20 – $60. However, old and rare pieces that are in good condition are very valuable, and can be worth anything from $100 to well over $1,500.

Tom Clark gnomes are fast becoming collectibles. Like any collectible, the watchwords are rarity and condition.

Vintage Tom Clark gnomes that are very hard to find are valuable. The condition of the gnome pieces is another important element in determining their worth. Vintage pieces in mint condition are generally more valuable than those bearing signs of use like loss of colour or chipped parts.

How to clean Tom Clark gnomes

You need to be very cautious when cleaning Tom Clark gnomes so as not to remove the paint or chip off parts.

You can use a very soft-bristled brush to gently brush the surface of your gnome piece. Please note “soft-bristled” and “gently”. That should remove accumulated dust.

If that doesn’t work, you may clean your Tom Clark piece using running water, a dampen cloth, or dish detergent as follows:

Using only water

  • Simply hold the gnome under a running faucet of cold water.
  • Allow the running water to rinse off the dust on the gnome piece.
  • Dry the gnome piece using a soft towel.
  • Keep the gnome piece (on its side) on the soft towel to allow it dry further

Note: when rinsing the under the sink, ensure that water does not get to the bottom of those with felt.

Also, when leaving out to dry, don’t stand them up vertically. Instead, lie down on their side. This is so that water does not seep to the felt bottom.

Using a damp cloth

  • Simply wet a soft towel
  • Use it to gently clean the gnome piece
  • Leave it out to dry

Using dish detergent

  • Line a basin with soft towels
  • Pour warm water into the basin and include some dish detergent
  • Put the gnome piece in the soapy water up-side-down (ensuring that the felt bottom remains above the water)
  • Wait for a couple of minutes so that the soapy water can loosen the dirt on the gnome piece
  • Bring out the gnome piece and use dampen cloth or a very soft brush to remove the dirt
  • Dry with a towel
  • Keep the piece on a soft towel (on its side) to allow it dry further

What are Tom Clark gnomes made of?

Tom Clark started sculpturing using clay dug out from the creek in the middle of Patterson Fraternity Court.

In fact, the first gnome that he created was made of clay. While that first gnome was for his amusement, it was well received. So, when Tom Clark started making gnomes as a business, he stuck with clay. Cairn Studios, where Tom Clark was the lead artist, makes figurines in resin. As a result, the Tom Clark gnomes you’ll find are either made of clay or resin.

How to sell Tom Clark gnomes?

You can sell Tom Clark gnomes as an individual or as a dealer.

As an individual seller, you do not require any permission. You simply sell the pieces you can lay your hands on in online marketplaces or personal sources like flea markets. This route is suitable for selling valuable vintage Tom Clark pieces.

As a dealer, you’ll need permission from Cairn Studios, where Tom Clark was a lead artist. As a dealer, you’re essentially a partner of the company. It’ll supply you its latest pieces, with which you can stock your store, and sell.

Dealers usually sell more recent Tom Clark gnomes that are not as valuable compared to the vintage pieces. However, dealers can chase down collectors and include valuable vintage pieces to their stock.

Tom Clark Gnomes have what mark

Early Signed Tom Clark Gnome Abner
Early Signed Tom Clark Gnome Abner

Tom Clark gnomes are unique. They usually come with many authenticating marks such as the name of the artist, the year the piece is made, the name of the piece, the piece number, and a special coin.

Also, every Tom Clark gnome comes with an interesting story) albeit, the story is not crafted on the figurine).


Tom Clark gnomes are increasingly becoming popular as collectibles largely in part to the intricate details of these figurines. Old Tom Clark gnomes that hard to find and in good condition can be very valuable, and worth from $100 to as much as $1,500.

However when seeking out valuable vintage Tom Clark gnomes, look for the authenticating marks like the “Tom Clark” sign, the piece is made, the name and number of the piece, and the Tom Clark signature coin.

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