Tom Clark Gnomes Value and Price Guide

Do you feel confused about the value and price of Tom Clark Gnomes? If so, do not worry because this article will help you know about the Tom Clark Gnomes Value and Price.

Tom Clark gnomes are amusing artwork pieces that you can place in your home or office. They provide a unique presence in your home or office that no other art piece can provide.

Intricately handcrafted by artist Tom Clark, these gnomes will bring a smile to the faces of passers-by and are an excellent way to brighten up the lonely corner of your home.

From bargain basement finds to rare vintage pieces, these magical little people come in all shapes and sizes, with prices ranging from $1 to $5000 or more. These adorable little guys bring joy to people’s homes and can be found anywhere from auctions to online stores like Amazon.

Are you considering purchasing one of these little figurines because you like their appearance and feel? Read this blog post to learn everything you need to know before buying one.

It includes everything you need to know about these little figurines, like who created them, how they were made, and how much they go for on the market today. Read on for more info about Tom Clark Gnomes Value and Price Guide!

Tom Clark 7 Up Turtle 1988 Rare Artist Signed Limited Edition Gnome
Tom Clark 7 Up Turtle 1988 Rare Artist Signed Limited Edition Gnome (Source: Ebay)

Dr. Thomas F. Clark – The Mastermind Behind Tom Clark Gnomes

Dr. Thomas F. Clark, a theology professor, created Tom Clark Gnomes, who named them “wood spirits.” He is famous for making these little guys, and they are some of the most popular and well-known figurines in the world. Over time they have grown into a collection of thousands of different gnomes!

What Does a Gnome Symbolize & Is There a Market for Tom Clark Gnomes?

The Gnome has long been associated with luck, prosperity, and wealth. It was once believed that you would never be out of money if you owned one. Today, however, most people associate them with Halloween and Christmas decorations.

Further, the Tom Clark Gnomes do have a market. It is possible to find these collectibles at garage sales, flea markets, eBay, Etsy, and even Facebook Marketplace. Prices range from $10 to upwards of $500 depending on condition, rarity, and size.

Are Gnomes Collectible & Are They Worthy?

Definitely! It’s no secret that these items are highly collectible, and many collectors are willing to pay a lot of money for them. You can find additional information on the value of Tom Clark Gnomes on several websites.

Among the most popular websites are,, Depending on what you want from a gnome, its worth may vary. Some collectors prefer the classic style; others like the modern look.

Some collect only one type of Gnome (such as the Gnomes made by Thomas Clark), and others collect every type. Start small and build your collection gradually.

On What Factors Does the Value of Tom Clark Gnomes Depend?

Gnomes by Tom Clark can be worth a lot of money depending on their age, condition, and rarity. Some collectors prefer to keep their treasures hidden away, but others display them proudly on shelves and mantles. You will be surprised to know that Tom Clark’s works now sell for anywhere from $5 to over $500 each.

What Are Tom Clark Figurines Made of & Can You Keep Them Outside?

Some gnomes are made from clay, while others are resin. The ones made of resin are usually cast in plaster first then painted before being applied to the base. Resin gnomes are generally less expensive than other types as casting costs more time and materials.

Further, yes, if you want to keep the Gnome outside, you definitely can! But most collectors are hesitant to put these old (vintage) pieces out in the weather for long periods of time. However, UV protective coating on Gnome helps stand up to sun/rain/etc. If you want to preserve the Gnome’s vintage, it is best to keep them inside.

Why Tom Clark Gnomes Have Coins?

Each Gnome has a different coin, giving the stories an extra dimension. Every Gnome’s story is unique, and they are all accompanied by a card featuring their zodiac sign. Their individual stories and serial numbers are what make them so popular.

Further, the Wood spirits gained significant popularity among collectors because of their antique looks. Although Tom Clark no longer creates gnomes, his art can still be found in many homes.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Tom Clark Gnomes

Before buying Tom Clark Gnomes, you need to consider several factors. You must consider the size, the type of finish, and how much money you want to spend. Here are some recommendations on purchasing a Tom Clark Gnome.

1. Reputation of Seller

When purchasing Tom Clark Gnomes, the first thing you should look for is that the seller has a good reputation. Beware, do not buy your Gnome from someone you do not know, and trust has a good reputation. If you buy Tom Clark Gnome from someone you don’t know, you might be used as a pawn.

2. No scratches on Gnome

Another thing to consider when purchasing Tom Clark gnomes is the age of the sale. Try to find places where they are displayed in good light so that you can see how adorable they look. Scratches or blemishes will make them look old and make them less valuable.

3. No chips on the figurines

No chips should be visible on your Tom Clark gnome. The presence of any of these items usually indicates that they were dropped or otherwise damaged in some way. It will ultimately lower their value.

4. Cheaper is the best

If you find an excellent place to buy one of these art pieces, make sure to get a reasonable price on it. The cheaper, the better in most cases!

Why Tom Clark Gnomes?

The Tom Clark gnome has a tremendous amount of value because of the intricacy of the design; it is intricate and detailed, which makes people want to own one.

There are many different kinds of gnomes that Tom Clark has created over the years. Each one has its unique character, personality, and charm. Their uniqueness is also why they are so valuable to collectors.

They have their unique style and look that makes them stand out from other gnomes out there on the market today. There are many different designs; some of them were made with extreme detail and effort put into them, while others were created in a much simpler manner.

“Tom Clark Art is Worth Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars, Just like an Old Man’s Oreo Cookie”

Where to Purchase Tom Clark Gnomes?

When you start looking for Tom Clark gnomes for sale, you will find many different places to purchase them. You can find some in antique stores, thrift stores, auctions, and even online at You do have to be careful, though.

Many of these places will sell you a fake Tom Clark gnome that is not one of the original ones because there are so many out there. One of the best places to purchase one of these figurines is at an art gallery or museum. Get a Tom Clark Gnome made by the artist if you want one.

Is Buying Tom Clark Gnome a Good Decision?

The original Tom Clark gnomes are always worth selling if you have ever purchased one. These figurines are great investments that will provide an excellent return on your money.

You can sell them to other collectors who want to enjoy and collect these little guys too. An important feature of them is that their price never decreases.

Wouldn’t it be fun if you had extra few dollars lying around to buy one of these cute little guys? Easily found online, they would make an excellent addition to any office or home. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like Tom Clark Gnomes? Raise your hands!

What Gnomes From the Tom Clark Series Are Valuable?

The most valuable gnomes tend to be those made by Tom Clark himself or signed by Tom Clark. Most of them are made of resin and have a hand-painted finish.

They are either unnumbered or numbered on the back. They are often found at auction houses.  Other gnomes are less valuable but still worth looking into if you want to add a piece of history to your collection.

Even if you’re planning on selling it, you will want to know how to price it correctly. Here is a list of the different types of Tom Clark collectibles and a brief description of what makes them valuable.

1 . Multicolored Clark and Rusty Figurine Village Accessory, Department 56 Snow Christmas Vacation

Department 56 Snow Christmas Vacation Clark and Rusty Figurine Village Accessory, Multicolored

This Gnome costs $36. Beautiful in every aspect, this piece will be the center of attention in any collection. If you’re an avid collector of gnomes, this could be your favorite pick.

2. Tom Clark Gnome Jeremiah #3, early version, 1980

Early Version Tom Clark Gnome Jeremiah #3 from 1980
Early Version Tom Clark Gnome Jeremiah #3 from 1980 (Source:ebay)

For $299, you can purchase this Gnome. Gnomes are durable and have an excellent design that attracts attention. We recommend using this Gnome to decorate your home or use them as stand-alone sculptures.

3. Signed Early Tom Clark Gnome Boofey from 1980

Signed Early Tom Clark Gnome Boofey from 1980
Signed Early Tom Clark Gnome Boofey from 1980 (Source:ebay)

The price of this impressive Tom Clark Gnome is $999. The early 80s signed Tom Clark Gnome is an actual work of art that is not to be missed. The quality of the work is incredible. Collectors and those who appreciate fine art will definitely want to own this.

4. Tom Clark Gnome Mrs. Claus III, retired 1988

Tom Clark Gnome Mrs. Claus III, retired 1988

I love how the artist, Tom Clark, has captured her rosy cheeks and long, flowing eyelashes. I also love the way he painted her hair. It’s so realistic; I swear if you put her under a microscope, you’d see her individual hairs. An heirloom you will cherish forever.

5. Original Gnomes Hand Signed by Tom Clark: Little DAD 2001 and Eddie 1984 Made in America

Tom Clark Two (2) Original Gnomes: Little DAD 2001 - Hand Signed and Eddie 1984 Made in USA

I don’t know the story behind these little guys, but they make me smile. They are just so cute.

6. Tom Clark Collectibles/Gnomes 1988 Girl Ballerina in Pink Figurine Caroline with Large Ballet Shoes Ed # 83 – Rare Figurine Made in the USA

Tom Clark Collectibles/Gnomes 1988 Girl Ballerina in Pink Figurine Caroline with Large Ballet Shoes Ed # 83 - Rare Figurine Made in USA

What a fantastic piece! The detail on this Gnome is detailed and well-crafted. The expression on the girl’s face is priceless and will bring a smile to anyone who sees her. This is a must-have for any gnome collector or anyone who appreciates fine artwork.

7.  ‘Twas The Night 1986 Edition #36 Signed 12.5″ By Tom Clark

Tom Clark Gnomes 'Twas The Night Before Christmas 1986 Edition
Tom Clark Gnomes ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas 1986 Edition (Source:ebay)

A gnome like this would be a great addition to a Christmas party.

Few More Options for Classy Tom Clark Gnomes

  • Tom Clark 6 Pc Nativity Figurine Set
  • Tom Clark 1986 Twas Night Before
  • RARE 1979 Early Tom Clark Hand Signed
  • Tom Clark Uncle Hershel Signed Cracker
  • RARE 1979 Early Tom Clark Hand Signed
  • Cairn Studios Tom Clark
  • Gnome Padre

There is more to the story. Now you’ve purchased your favorite gnomes. Cleanliness is essential for preserving their quality for as long as possible. It would be best if you cleaned Tom Clark gnomes regularly.

How Do You Clean Tom Clark Gnomes?

Tom Clark gnomes usually only require cleaning if they are left outside. It is easy to wipe them clean with a damp cloth, or they can be brought inside to air dry completely. Do not submerge them in water or use chemicals as it could damage the paint job on the Gnome.


A Tom Clark gnome makes a great addition to your home or office. The unique presence that they bring to your home or office is unlike anything else. Tom Clark has handcrafted these whimsical gnomes. It is believed that the Gnome symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and luck.

When you owned one, people believed that you were never short of money. You can find these magical little people for as little as $1 to as much as $5000.

People can find these adorable items in a variety of places, including auctions and online retailers.  What makes Tom Clark sculptures valuable is that they come with an original certificate or invoice detailing its history and signed by the artist.

There are currently thousands of Tom Clark gnomes available for sale worldwide. If you have any questions regarding Tom Clark Gnomes, feel free to ask by commenting.

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