10 Best Places to Sell Coins Online Today

Old coins are relics of age-long history and money culture. Collecting them can be very interesting, but what is more fun is finding the best, safest and quickest platform to sell these gems and earn cool money.

A 1794/94 silver flowing hair silver/copper coin is believed to be the most expensive coin globally as it sold for $10 million in 2013. Holding the record as the most expensive single coin sale and sources claim this was the first coin to be issued by the U.S. government.

In this article, we’ll recommend the best places for you to sell your coin and make great profits. All you need to do is sit back, relax, weigh your options and choose from the curated list all at the comfort of your fingertips, right at home.

The 10 Best Places to Sell Your Coin Online

This list is independently curated from verified sources; arrangements may vary according to individual preference, location, and other factors.

Pay-out Days
Listing Price
Cut on Sales
1-3 business days for weekly and 1-2 days for daily payouts.
$2 on the listing if your products cost more than $1
a cut of 12.55%
You get paid in under 1-2 days.
No listing price
Not indicated
Modern Coin Mart
Payment will commence within three business days upon receiving your coin
Listing is not needed for your coins on this site
Heritage Auction
you’ll have to wait for a long 45 days after the auctions close to receiving your payment.
Not indicated, they list on your behalf though.
10% of the proceeds go into the company’s pocket.
Not indicated
Lists an unlimited number of coins for free
It charges only 5% on a successful sale.
Payment takes roughly 14 days.
listing fees include a $0.99 fee per item sold for individuals and $39.99/Month with no per-item fees for professionals.
15% referral fee, $1.80 variable closing fee on media.
Stack’s Bowers
They don’t pay out consignors until 45 days after the last day of an auction.
Not indicated
20% on all invoices totaling $50,000 or more.
2.50% for private listing ads and a minimum of $5, a maximum of $299 per listing ad.
Not indicated
This depends on your bank, but normally payment takes 3-5 days to reflect in your preferred bank account.
5% transaction fee.
15-20 days when you use the shipping option on market place or five days after delivery confirmation by the buyer.
Listing is free
You only pay 5% charges on shipments or $0.40 on items worth $8.00.

1. eBay

What greater place to sell your valuable coins than the all-knowing, all-encompassing online trading platform that goes by the name eBay? The tested and trusted website with over 180 million users is far ahead of its peers for many reasons.


  • This is a vast platform with enough clientele to create a strong network of customers for whatever you intend to sell- Your coins inclusive. The heart of any business is its customers, and eBay provides exactly that in large numbers.
  • The site also gives you the leverage to sell your item either at an auction price or a set price.
  • You’ll find that processing payout takes 1-3 business days for weekly and 1-2 days for daily payouts.


However, for every upside, there’s always a corresponding underwhelming factor. We’re going to be looking at the cons of trading on this platform.

  • First you need to be aware that eBay is a gallery of numerous traders selling the same products at different prices.
  • Talk about a competitive market! This can lead you to beat your price down, and you make little to no tangible profit if you eventually find a buyer.
  • Additionally, there’re zero monopolies on eBay as they’re not restricted to only one product. Therefore, a buyer has to scroll through seas of goods (both necessary and unnecessary) to find the one they want: a very tasking and time-consuming activity.
  • Another con is that the scaling fee on this site is outrageous. You spend up to $2 on the listing if your products cost more than $1 and other extra fees for adding pictures.
  • The site keeps a cut of 12.55% of the successful sale value or lower, plus extra $0.30 per order.



This platform eases you of the hassles of selling your coins yourself by doing exactly that on your behalf.

Taking a pawnshop model, this site locks in and negotiates terms and conditions of prices even before setting eyes on the product, and you get paid in under 1-2 days. Here are the pros to trading on this website.


  • First, you don’t have to lift a finger to sell your good; they do the dirty work for you. Also, your coins are 90% guaranteed to sell. Since APMEX is the one buying directly from you, that is more than all the assurance you need.
  • You’d also notice that unlike eBay, you don’t have to list your products on their website to get potential buyers or interested customers.

Well, there are downsides to these shiny pros, too. Check them out below.


  • As easy as selling your coins on your behalf sounds, you won’t be paid a dime until your coins is received by APMEX. Imagine getting into logistics issues; you don’t want to be stranded for days with your product stuck in transit.
  • Also, APMEX won’t sell your coins if they’re not worth at least 1 thousand dollars. This means their market isn’t all-encompassing, it’s highly sophisticated, and the average collector will have issues settling in.

3. Modern Coin Mart

Modern Coin Mart

The Modus Operandi on this site is quite similar to APMEX. The only difference is that they buy your coins and resell them at a higher price. Up to three times the price they got it from you.

Here, you’re also getting paid only after they’ve received all your coins. Check out the pros of selling your coins on this platform.


  • You are guaranteed to sell your coins and fast too.
  • It saves you the stress of going the extra mile to look for customers or buyers.
  • Also, listing is not needed for your coins on this site.
  • Finally, your high-value coins have a good chance at selling for a fairly reasonable price on this platform.


  • In a shocking twist, it takes a lot to trust a total stranger/platform to help trade your coin. You’re at the risk of losing years of collecting and thousands of dollars of investments if it goes south.
  • Secondly, payment will commence within three business days upon receiving your coin. Sales below $3000 must be settled by check. This directly means that you are at the mercy whenever the bank decides to clear the check.
  • Finally, due to their reselling policy, the company may try to buy from you at a much lower price. It’s a move that is beneficial to them and detrimental to you as a seller.

But it’s business; the lower they buy from you, the more it gets easier to make a profit as they resell.

4. Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions

Like their name, they specialize in auctions, a different trajectory from the three listed above, and a claim that screams expertise, especially in dealing with antique items like coins. This also means they are less crowded than eBay and more straightforward with listings.

It takes just three steps to sell your coins. Take a picture, send your product/personal information, and wait for buyers to reach out to you. There’re a few more goodies on the table.


  • You have two options to sell your coins, either by consignment, which involves you shipping the coins to them and having them do the rest for you, such as writing the info and setting the price.
  • If you don’t know your way around listing products, you have experts willing and able to help you ensure that.
  • Since they’re solely into auctions, rest assured that you’re with like minds whose only aim is to source and purchase collectibles like your coin.

Sadly, there are a few difficulties you’ll encounter in the process of selling your coins with Heritage auctions.


  • If you find a buyer for your coin, 10% of the proceeds go into the company’s pocket. That doesn’t exactly sound like a fair price.
  • On top of the 10% cut, you’ll have to wait for a long 45 days after the auctions close before receiving your payment.
  • Like APMEX and Modern Coin Mart, you must also send all your coins before you get paid, and that’s even if they get buyers. (Trust is a big deal on trading sites, apparently).
  • Since they make more profit from high-cost coins, your small value may not get the needed attention from the sellers and the potential customers.

5. CoinsForSale.com


Unlike the rest modeled like pawn shops or coin retailers, this site is a marketplace for you to sell your coins. Howbeit new to the scene, it’s fast becoming a household name among coin collectors and appraisers. Over 10,000 registered users are on this platform.


Here are a few reasons why we think this site is the real deal

  • It has the policy to list an unlimited number of coins for free. At zero cost, no other trading platform offers that golden opportunity.
  • It charges only 5% on a successful sale. This policy covers even the highest sale up to $1 million.
  • They’re exclusive as exclusive can get when it comes to coins. This saves you the stress, brainwork, and time of searching through heaps of unrelated items on your search. It’s all collectibles and more collectibles on Coinsforsale.com.


We’ve noticed a few lapses you may encounter during your use; check them out below.

  • Compared to the big guns, this platform still lacks the auction feature, and they only sell at set prices.
  • Since it’s a new company, the website is still under heavy construction, and bugs are fixed here and there.
  • If you intend to reach a very wide audience, this website is not for you. Although the future is bright, there is still lots of work regarding customer base and network.

6. Amazon


With a collectible coin section, trading coins on Amazon is now an easy and safe alternative to eBay if you don’t have time to swim through lots of items on your way. Payment takes roughly 14 days after assumed delivery date to the buyer. Check out other mind-blowing pros below.


  • Wider audience spanning across countries/races.
  • A section dedicated to collectibles and old coins
  • Low marketing and advertising costs.


It’s not all rosy on amazon. Here’re a few cons you should note

  • High competition among sellers
  • Exorbitant listing fees include a $0.99 fee per item sold for individuals and $39.99/Month with no per-item fees for professionals.

7. Stack’s Bowers

Stack’s Bowers

Known as America’s oldest coin auction outfit, you’ll find the rarest and most valuable coins on this site. With an arsenal of experienced staff and appraisers, your coins are in safe hands. Here are other juicy benefits;


  • They accept the consignment, which means distance is never a barrier
  • There’s a research bar on their website to appraise your item for value and type.
  • If you don’t want to sort it by auction, there’s a private sale option.


  • The cons are that dealers buy at extremely low prices and resell at higher rates. Ripping off the primary seller.
  • Also, if you want quick money, Stack’s Bowers is not your best bet as they don’t pay out consignors until 45 days after the last day of an auction.

8. CoinWorld


This platformis renowned for its online classified forum where you can insert a search word, and it’ll bring a list of coins available for you to buy from.

They charge a listing fee of 2.50% for private listing ads and a minimum of $5, a maximum of $299 per listing ad, with a refund if the product doesn’t sell within 12 months.

There are more benefits to this site. Check below.


  • You can search for products by their names, features, and descriptions.
  • There’s a dealer directory to input items you need, including your location. This feature aids in easy contact between dealers and sellers.
  • News about coins from all over the world and a marketplace with a gallery of popular featured coins
  • You can subscribe to their magazines if you’re interested in getting either a printed or digital type.


The con, however, is that its print magazines may get lost, torn, or crumpled in transition.

9. Etsy


Selling your coins on Etsy is another way to make quick money with $0.20 as a listing fee and a 5% transaction fee when you sell a product. This depends on your bank, but normally payment takes 3-5 days to reflect in your preferred bank account. Check out the massive benefits below.


  • It’s time-saving, simple, and cost-effective.
  • Etsy has been around for a while; there’s an established target audience for your goods.

There are downsides to this site too.


  • High rate of competition. Courtesy of plenty sellers
  • There’re loads of inferior coins on Etsy, do all you can to prove your authenticity.
  • Etsy doesn’t give its sellers the chance to exhaust branding ideas. Your bid to stand out from other sellers will get truncated.

10. Facebook

With the Facebook marketplace feature, you can sell your coins and build a trusted community of buyers. Expect your payment within 15-20 days when you use the shipping option on market place or five days after delivery confirmation by the buyer.

There’re several privileges you enjoy from the Facebook marketplace.


  • A broad audience spans over 1.85 billion daily users to check out your coins and buy. This is unbeatable.
  • You can easily communicate with buyers, a great way to foster customer relations.
  • There’s also an option that allows you to share your product link to group chats.
  • You only pay 5% charges on shipments or $0.40 on items worth $8.00 or even less for free listing fees.

There are a few grey areas on the Facebook marketplace.


  • Customers might be wary of patronizing you as the sales of the Facebook marketplace aren’t protected nor vendors verified.
  • Facebook doesn’t sort delivery. It’s solely based on physical contact or however the vendor chooses to do it.

5 Coins That Are Worth Money Today

Here’s a list of the five most valuable coins in the world today. We’ve curated this according to verified sources’ recent sales, auctions, and prices.

Release Date
Auction Price
The Half Eagle
$8.2 Million
The 1804 Bust Dollar-Class 1-Dexter-Poque Specimen
$7.86 Million
The Birch Cent
$2.6 Million
The Bronze Lincoln
$1.7 Million
The Liberty Cap Cent

1. The 1822 Half Eagle

Date: 1822
Price: $8.4 million

The 1822 Half Eagle
The 1822 Half Eagle (Source:Robbreport)

You can only find 3 of these coins in existence today. They were minted in 1822 and made up over 18,000 of the $5 coins minted that year. It’s not a special or celebratory coin, but its rare nature makes it highly sought after and pricey. It sold at an auction recently for $8.4 million.

2. The 1804 Bust Dollar- Class 1- Dexter- Poque Specimen

Date: 1804
Price: $7.68 million

The 1804 Bust Dollar- Class 1- Dexter- Poque Specimen
The 1804 Bust Dollar- Class 1- Dexter- Poque Specimen (Source:Wikipedia)

The coin was discovered in Germany in 1804, and only eight pieces are known to have been made. It’s a very valuable piece, and it has a small letter D inscribed in one of the clouds on the back of the coin, showing that it belonged to one James V Dexter, a renowned Numismatist.

This class 1 coin is worth $7.68 million as at august 2021 on stack’s bowers.

3. 1792 Birch Cent

Date: 1792
Price: $2.6 million

1792 Birch Cent
1792 Birch Cent (Source:PCGS)

The U.S. produced numerous models for the 1 cent coin in 1792, and the large Birch cent is one of them. This one sold for $2.6 million at a heritage auction in 2015, an all-time high ever paid for a one-cent coin that year.

4. 1943 Bronze Lincoln

Date: 1943
Price: $1.7 million

1943 Bronze Lincoln (Source:PCGS)

Described as the most popular error coin in the history of coin making in America, about 15-20 pieces are in circulation today, with one discovered by Lutes. One piece of the Bronze Lincoln sold for $1.7 million in a private auction in 2010.

5. The 1796 Liberty Cap Cent

Date: 1796
Price: $705,000

The 1796 Liberty Cap Cent
The 1796 Liberty Cap Cent (Source: Pcgs)

This coin went off at an auction for $705,000. It was minted in 1796 and formed from a range of observed dies. Although many 100 thousand coins minted back in the day are still in circulation currently, only a handful are of great quality, the best of which is the gem survivor.

Extra 10 Tips to Sell Your Coins Online

We’re lending you extra hands to fast-track the process of selling your coins online and also ensure you get the right value for your money. Pay attention to these golden tips.

1. Consult an appraiser

Before selling your coins, you must employ the services of a qualified and experienced coin appraiser. An appraiser will help you know your item’s worth, value, and every other necessary information.

2. Take good pictures

It would be best to never compromise on the quality pictures or the importance of angles. You might not be available 24/7 to explain all there’s to know about your item to an interested buyer, but a perfect picture, crystal clear, and capturing all the details will do that for you.

A picture is definitely worth a thousand words in e-marketing, so put that on your priority list as you intend to start selling your coins.

3. Keep your product description catchy

You’ll be surprised how far a good paragraph can go to convince even the most uninterested person to buy your product. Endeavor to write all the facts and detail about your coin while keeping it catchy enough to generate traffic, open purses, and brief enough to not bore potential buyers.

4. Focus on rare American coins

For historical and aesthetic reasons, U.S. coins are the most sought-after coins on the market. As much as you can, gather old U.S. coins. People will pay heavily for a coin they know is worth the hype and quality.

5. Offer side attraction

We mean privileges that buyers will enjoy from you when they purchase your item by side attractions. Discounts, free shipping, clearance sales, special codes, gifts on purchase, and other free goodies will drive patronage and exponentially increase sales.

6. Get a Paypal Account

What’s a sale without payment? Get a valid Paypal account to enhance smooth payments and carry out the necessary financial aspect of your sales. Paypal is widely accepted in the U.S. with a large customer base, so you’re in safe hands.

7. Run background checks

The whole essence of selling your coins online is to maximize profits. What better way to do that than to monitor the sales prices of your coins on different sites? This will give you an idea of the returns you’ll be making from the sale of your item.

If you’re a reseller, the rule is to always buy low from the root seller and then resell at higher prices. That way, you get almost ten times the initial price.

Another check you should run is confirming the eligibility of your dealer or online platform owner to sell a coin. Some sellers don’t have the necessary license or know-how to sell a coin for its true worth. To stop loss, make sure to find out if they’re truly qualified to carry out sales.

8. Run ads

On eBay, Amazon, and dozens of other coin-selling sites, you can pay for a sponsored advert to enhance visibility for your coins and increase sales. We can’t overemphasize the importance of paid adverts for any business, their reach is impeccable, and the feedback is almost instant.

9. Get reviews and feedbacks

Good reviews are the heart and soul of any business. They go a long way to build trust in the minds of your clientele and promote a healthy brand for you as a seller and your brand as a whole. Recurring customers are also a thing; good reviews promote that too.

For every sale you make, always make your buyers send a piece of their mind about your services and the product in general, more importantly, if they’re not pick up/ physical purchase. Their suggestion will also aid improvement in lagging areas.

10. Exercise patience

Patience is an essential trait that any person who sells online or plans to start selling coins online must possess. Buyers may take a bit of time to make a financial decision as purchasing a valuable coin affects the pocket. It would help if you gave them time to gather up and buy.

If you’re selling to an auction-based company, it typically takes 30-45 days after a successful auction for them to send your payment. We advise that you sit back, relax and collect more valuable coins while waiting for your money.


What is the most valuable coin?

A 1794/94 silver flowing hair silver/copper coin is believed to be the most expensive coin in the world as it sold for $10 millionin 2013.

How do I care for my coin?

Rinse the coins under hot running tap water and pat with a soft fabric. Ensure they properly dry off before keeping them in an air-tight container.

Parting Words

Now that you know where to sell your coins let’s run a quick recap on things discussed earlier in this guide.

  • Patience is a skill you need to acquire when selling coins online.
  • It’s not enough to have a quality coin; you must also invest in high-quality pictures.
  • S. coins are highly demanded; now you know where to direct your search the next time you’re collecting.
  • Grade your coins and learn other important details with the help of an appraiser
  • Study the pros and cons of each site listed above and pick the one that works for you.

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