Coca Cola Collectibles: Find Memorabilia Value

If you’re a Coca-Cola fan, then you know that the company has been around for more than 100 years. In that time, they’ve released all sorts of memorabilia and collectibles, from bottles and cans to advertising signs and trays. Coca-Cola collectors are always on the lookout for new and unique items, and the company obliged with a range of special edition releases over the years.

For many people, Coca Cola is more than just a drink – it’s a way of life. The iconic brand has been a part of American culture for over a century, and its distinctive red-and-white logo is recognized around the world. If you’re looking to start or add to your collection, it can be tough to determine the value of these items. Here’s a quick guide to help you with Coca Cola collectibles.

The History of Coca Cola Collectibles and Why Collect It

Founded in 1886 by John Pemberton, Coca Cola began as a medicinal syrup designed to relieve pain and fatigue. However, it was the addition of carbonated water that gave the drink its distinctive taste and made it a hit with customers. In 1887, Pemberton sold the formula for Coca Cola to Asa Candler, who quickly set about promoting the drink through aggressive marketing campaigns. Over the next few decades, Coca Cola became one of the most popular drinks in the world, thanks in part to its innovative packaging and catchy advertising.

Over the years, Coca Cola has also become a collectible item. Early Coca Cola collectibles, in particular, can be extremely valuable. Bottles, signs, and other small items can sell for thousands of dollars, while larger items such as soda fountains and delivery trucks can fetch even higher prices.

Some eras of Coca Cola collectibles are particularly worth:

  • The Hutchinson bottle – It was the first Screw top bottle and was used for carbonated beverages. The bottle had a unique design that included a metal screw on the top that held a rubber gasket in place.
  • Lillian Nordica advertising – Lillian Nordica was one of the most successful opera singers of her time. In 1904, she became the first opera singer to appear in a Coca-Cola advertising campaign.
  • 1915 Prototype bottle – In 1915, the Coca-Cola Company released a prototype bottle that was intended to be used for their popular soda. The bottle was designed by Earl R. Dean, and it featured a unique hourglass shape that was inspired by the cocoa bean.
  • Early 20th century decorative Coca-Cola trays – To help promote the sale of Coca-Cola, the company began producing decorative trays in the early 1900s. These trays featured colorful images of people enjoying Coca-Cola and were often given away as promotional items.
  • Coca Cola vending machines from the 1950s – In the 1950s, Coca Cola vending machines were shiny and new, and they were a common sight in public places like diners, movie theaters, and gas stations.

Many people enjoy collecting coca cola collectibles because they represent a time gone by. The coca cola brand has been around for over 125 years, and the collectibles reflect the history of the company and the changing culture of the times. For some people, collecting coca cola collectibles is a way to connect with their childhood or to rekindle memories of a simpler time. Others appreciate the artistry of the vintage bottles and cans or the intricate designs of the classic ads. Whatever the reason, collecting coca cola collectibles can be a fun and rewarding hobby.

Why Coca Cola Memorabilia Is Becoming So Popular

In recent years, Coca Cola memorabilia has become increasingly popular with collectors. There are a number of reasons for this trend. Coca Cola is one of the world’s most recognizable brands. It has a long history and its iconic red and white logo is recognized by billions of people around the globe. Additionally, Coca Cola is associated with positive memories and feelings for many people. It is a classic American brand that evokes feelings of happiness and nostalgia.

Coca Cola collectibles can be both beautiful and functional. They make great decoration pieces for homes and offices, and they can also be used as practical items such as mugs, coasters, and bottle openers. Finally, Coca Cola collectibles are relatively affordable compared to other types of collectibles. This makes them a great way to start or expand a collection without breaking the bank.

For all these reasons, it’s no surprise that Coca Cola memorabilia is becoming more and more popular with collectors around the world.

What Kinds of Coca Cola Collectibles are There?

There is a wide range of Coca Cola memorabilia available, from vintage ads and bottles to old signs and soda fountains. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones.


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Coca-Cola bottles have been produced in countless shapes and sizes over the years, and each bottle has its own unique story. For some collectors, the challenge is to find the rarest and most valuable bottles. Others simply enjoy collecting any bottle that catches their eye.

While there are many different types of Coca-Cola bottles, some of the most sought-after are the limited edition bottles that have been released over the years. These bottles often feature special designs or graphics, and they can be very valuable to collectors.



There’s something special about drinking out of a vintage Coca Cola glass. Maybe it’s the sense of history, or the fact that each glass has its own unique story. Whatever the reason, these glasses have become collector’s items, with some fetching high prices at auction.

Vending Machines

Vending Machines
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Not only are these machines aesthetically pleasing, but they also offer a glimpse into the past. Coca Cola vending machines first became popular in the early 1900s, and they quickly became a staple of American culture.

Of course, collectors don’t just love Coca Cola machines for their nostalgic appeal. These machines are also excellent investments. Prices for vintage Coca Cola machines have been steadily rising for years, and show no signs of slowing down. In fact, some of the most rare and desirable machines can fetch tens of thousands of dollars at auction.


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One of the most iconic symbols of Coke’s long history is the vintage Coca Cola cooler. These coolers were once a common sight at picnics and road trips, and they were often used to store bottles of Coke during hot summer days. Today, Vintage Coca Cola coolers are highly sought-after collectors items.

Holiday Items

Holiday Items
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Every year, Coca-Cola releases a new holiday collectible. For many people, these collectibles have become an essential part of their holiday decorations. From the late 1930s to the present, look for advertising prints, tree ornaments, and other holiday-themed memorabilia.

Serving Trays

Serving Trays

Vintage Coca Cola serving trays featured various designs, including images of famous celebrities and athletes. Many of these trays were made of metal, but some were also made of wood or plastic.

In addition to being a valuable collectible, Coca Cola serving trays are also popular for their retro appeal. Many people use them as decoration in their homes, or as serving pieces for special occasions.


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Vintage Coca Cola calendars are not only beautiful but also very collectible. They feature lovely artwork as well as old fashioned Coke bottles and other ads. The value of a vintage Coca Cola calendar depends on its age, condition, and rarity.

Some of the rarest and most valuable calendars feature Santa Claus or other holiday scenes. Others feature pretty women enjoying a refreshing Coke. No matter what the subject matter, these calendars are highly sought after by collectors.


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From miniature cars to toy soldiers, these treasures were highly prized by kids. Today, vintage Coca-Cola toys are highly sought-after by collectors and nostalgia buffs alike. Many of the toys were produced in limited quantities, and they are now very rare. Some of the most valuable toys include early Coca Cola dispensers, plush dolls, and promotional items.

Military Memorabilia

Military Memorabilia
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During World War II, Coke included military themes in its advertising at home and provided Coca-Cola to American troops overseas. Today, these vintage ads and military-issued bottles are highly collectible. For many people, they serve as a reminder of the important role that Coke has played in the history of the United States.

How to Identify Genuine Coca Cola Collectibles

Everything from t-shirts to bottles have been faked and sold as genuine Coca Cola merchandise. However, there are certain items that were never produced by the company, no matter how many times they’ve been copied. For example, Coca Cola has never produced any mirror, knives, glass signs, wood signs, porcelain signs, or pocket watches bearing its logo. So if you come across any of these items, you can be sure they’re not genuine.

When it comes to Coca Cola memorabilia, size matters. Many vintage Coca Cola image reproductions are in A3 format, which matches the standard paper size for today’s copiers. However, original Coca Cola ads were often printed in a different size.

To determine the authenticity of your collection, it is important to compare it to authenticated originals in reference books. Look for differences in the detail, such as the size and placement of logos, and the overall condition of the piece. If you notice any discrepancies, it is likely that your item is a reproduction. Here are some resources that we recommend:

You can also consult an expert. A knowledgeable collector can spot a counterfeit item from a mile away, so seeking out expert opinion is always a good idea.

Top 10 Rarest and Valuable Coca Cola Collectibles

Here are 10 of the rarest and most valuable Coca Cola collectibles:

1930 Coca-Cola Neon and Clock Building Sign
The 1898 Coca-Cola Calendar
Coca Cola Tin Sidewalk Sign With Hilda Clark
1913 ‘Girl on Hammock’ festoon
1897 ‘Victorian Girl’ tray
1915 Coca-Cola Globe Soda Dispenser
1896 Coca-Cola Cameo Paper Sign
Early Glass Globe
1915 Coca-Cola Contour Prototype Bottle
1893 Coca-Cola Soda Fountain

How to Find the Value of Your Coca Cola Collectibles

If you have old bottles, signs, or other memorabilia, you may be wondering how to find the value of your Coca Cola collectibles. There are a few things you can do to get an idea of what they might be worth.

One of the best ways to do this is to consult with an expert. Antique dealers and collectors typically have a good understanding of the coca cola market and can give you a realistic estimate of your collection’s worth. Blaine Martin is one of the best Coca-Cola experts out there and his website Early Coke has current values of thousands vintage Coca-Cola items.

Additionally, you can search online to see what similar items have sold for in the past. This will give you a good idea of the going rate for coca cola collectibles. For example, a common vintage glass coke bottle from the 1950s sells for around $20 on Ebay. A never opened vintage pharmaceutical Coca-Cola syrup from the 1950s goes for twice as much.

Coca Cola Collectibles Price Guide

Vintage Coke bottles have become collector’s items, with regular models starting at around $10 and anniversary models or special editions selling for about $30. Most Coca Cola bottles are not particularly valuable despite their age, because they were mass-produced. A Hutchinson-style is the most expensive one, and if you have this bottle in excellent condition it can be worth as much as $4,000.

For many people, a vintage Coca Cola vending machine is the ultimate retro item. Not only are they highly collectible, but they can also be worth a sizable amount of money. Fully restored and in working condition, these machines can sell for more than $5,000.

Vintage Coke coolers can be quite valuable. Depending on the condition and age of the cooler, it can be worth a few hundred dollars. If the cooler is in good condition and has been well-maintained, it can be even more valuable.

Most serving trays are worth between $50 and a few hundred dollars, but some rarer examples can command much higher sums.

What to Do if You Want to Sell Your Coca Cola Collectibles

If you’re thinking of selling your Coca Cola collectibles, you’re not alone – many people have old Coke bottles or tins that they no longer want or need. But before you put your items up for sale, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, do some research to find out what similar items are selling for. This will give you a good starting point for pricing your own items. Next, be sure to describe your items accurately and clearly – buyers will appreciate your attention to detail. Finally, take good quality photos of your collectibles – this will make them more attractive to potential buyers.

It’s also a good idea to invest in some quality packaging and shipping materials. This will help to ensure that your items arrive safely at their destination. With a little effort, you can easily find buyers for your Coca Cola collectibles and get top dollar for your items.

The Best Places to Sell Your Coca Cola Collectibles

When it comes to selling coca cola collectibles, the internet is one of the best places to start. There are a number of reasons for this. First of all, there is a large and growing market for coca cola collectibles online. This means that there are more potential buyers than ever before. Additionally, selling online gives you the opportunity to reach a global market.

Best online sources to sell your Coca-Cola collectibles include:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Bonanza
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Marketplace

Another option is to contact a local Coca Cola club like The Coca Cola Collectors Club or 2CollectCola if you have an exceptionally rare piece. These clubs are dedicated to preserving the history of the Coca Cola company and its products, and they are always interested in acquiring new items for their collections.

Antique stores are a great place to sell your Coca Cola collectibles. Many antique store owners are familiar with the value of these collectibles and are always on the lookout for new pieces to add to their inventory. You can find your local antique stores on websites such as Antique Store Finder or Antique Trader.

Coca Cola Collectibles Selling Tips

There are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to get the most for your items:

  • Know what you have. There are a lot of different coca cola collectibles out there, and some are more valuable than others. Do your research and find out what your items are worth before putting them up for sale.
  • Condition is everything. Collectors are looking for items that are in good condition, so make sure your items are clean and free of any damage.
  • Be realistic with your prices. Coca cola collectibles can be valuable, but they won’t fetch top dollar if you’re not willing to be reasonable with your pricing.
  • When listing your items for sale, be sure to include clear and accurate photos and descriptions. This will help potential buyers get a good idea of what they’re bidding on.
  • Be patient when selling your Coca-Cola collectibles. It may take some time to find buyers who are willing to pay the prices you’re asking.


What is the value of a 1935 Coca Cola bottle?

The value of a 1935 Coca Cola bottle can vary depending on its condition. In general, older and rarer bottles are worth more money. If your bottle is in good condition, it could be worth anywhere from $50 to $200.

How much are Coca Cola Collectibles worth?

Coke memorabilia has become highly collectible, with some items selling for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The value of Coca Cola memorabilia can vary significantly depending on the item. Generally, older and rarer items are worth more money.

What is the most valuable Coca Cola Collectible?

Recently, a soda fountain from the 1893 Chicago Fair sold for 4.5 million at the Schmidt Auction. This is a prime example of how valuable Coca Cola memorabilia can be.

What are the rarest Coca Cola Collectibles?

The Hutchinson bottle is one of the rarest Coca Cola items out there. If you’re lucky enough to have one of these bottles, it’s worth a lot of money! Other rare items include a 1915 prototype bottle and early 20th century decorative trays.

Are there any counterfeit Coca Cola Collectibles?

Yes, unfortunately there are many counterfeit Coca Cola collectibles on the market. To avoid purchasing a fake, be sure to buy from reputable dealers and trusted sources.


As anyone who has ever cleaned out a grandparents’ attic knows, old stuff can be worth money. The same is true for Coca Cola collectibles. While most people think of Coca Cola as a delicious beverage, the company has also produced a wide variety of memorabilia over the years. From bottles and glasses to t-shirts and toys, there is no shortage of Coke-themed collectibles out there.

The value of these Coca Cola memorabilia depends on a few things such as age, condition, and popularity. Age is important because the newer the item is, generally the less valuable it is. Condition is also critical in determining value, as damages decrease an item’s worth. Popularity refers to how sought-after an item is by collectors; for instance, items featuring iconic characters such as Santa Claus tend to be more popular and valuable than others.

By taking the time to learn about the market for Coca Cola memorabilia, you can make sure that you get the best possible value for your collection!

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