Antique Sewing Machine Table Value (Ultimate Guide 2022)

One thing that antique sewing machines have in common is that most of them rest on a wooden table. These tables boast attractive and stand out legs made of cast iron and featuring decorative carvings.

The value of an antique sewing machine table depends on a wide range of factors, including the piece’s condition and the brand. However, in most marketplaces, an antique table with the sewing machine still on it carries a value sitting between $500 and over $2,000. Antique sewing machine table without the machine tends to be more affordable, with prices between $300 and $1,500. 

Whether you have an inherited antique sewing machine table, you came across one during an estate sale, or you are an avid collector, chances are, you may want to know how to gauge the table’s value accurately. In this detailed guide, we take a deeper look at the factors affecting the value of antique sewing machine tables and also show you the cost to expect for top-of-the-line pieces.

Factors Affecting the Value of Antique Sewing Machine Table

1. Age

As you would expect with all types of antiques, the piece’s age is the first indicator of its value. The first working sewing machine dates back to the 1830s.

Because of the historical significance the earliest machines carry, tables from the mid to the late 19th century are scarce, making them extremely valuable.

It is worth noting that the age of a sewing machine table influences whether it fits in the antique or vintage category.

For a table to fit in the antique category, it has to be over a century old. In 2022, for example, the antique tables date back to 1922 and before. Because of their historical significance, antique tables are costlier than vintage tables.

2. Condition

Is the antique sewing machine table still in good shape? Does the table still have all its components intact and operable?

While most collectors are looking for the oldest sewing machine tables because they carry the most historical significance, their goal is not to get something damaged. Therefore, in some cases, an older table may be less valuable than a slightly newer piece if the more aged piece is in bad shape.

3. Brand

Brands play a significant role in the value of antique sewing machine tables. Some of the most popular brands in the 20th century and before include:

  • Singer– When it comes to the earliest and most loved sewing machine brands, Singer sits among the top brands. For this reason, an antique Singer table tends to come at a significant price point.
  • Willcox & Gibbs– This company produced sewing machines for domestic and industrial use pre-20th With the machine tables from this brand going back more than a century, they retain a lot of value today.
  • Wheeler & Wilson– One thing that separated the Wheeler & Wilson machines from other brands is that they could hem. With considerable popularity dating back to the 1860s, these machines tend to have a higher-than-average price.
  • White– Right behind Singer, White is one of the most selling brands in the US. However, since the sewing machines from this brand were mass-produced, the value of their antique tables is less than that of the Singer brand.

Is The Sewing Machine Still on the Table?

When shopping for antiques at flea markets and antique stores, you will encounter antique sewing machine tables without or with the original machine. In most cases, however, the original owners will have removed the sewing machine and then repurposed the table.

Without the machine, the tables can still fetch a lot of money. However, the most valuable tables will have the original treadle sewing machine.

The Value of Antique Tables with Sewing Machine

Singer Table with Sewing Machine

An antique Singer sewing machine table with the original machine will have a value ranging from $150 to above $1,500. In 2020, for example, the Singer Red Eye treadle sewing machine, sitting on a sewing table, fetched over $1,800.

White Table with Sewing Machine

Sewing machines from the White brand were also available in the treadle form. In most cases, you can get these at a price ranging from $100 to $500. However, in cases where both the machine and the table are in excellent shape, tables from the White brand tend to be worth much more.

Willcox and Gibbs Table with Sewing Machine

The Willcox and Gibbs brand developed some of the best table sewing machines. The full treadle models can cost from $100 to $1,000 depending on their condition.

Pfaff Table with Sewing Machine

The sewing machines produced by Pfaff are coveted by modern users, especially in their original tables, primarily because of their reliability. On average, you can get a Pfaff sewing machine and table at a price sitting between $100 and $500.

Antique Sewing Machine Table Value Without the Machine

As the technology evolved, the treadle sewing machines because less valuable. For this reason, most modern users removed the sewing machine and repurposed the table for other uses.

Tables without the sewing machine are usually worth less compared to those with the machine still intact. However, tables without sewing machines still have a significant value.

Their condition plays an essential role in their overall value—the tables that fetch the highest value are usually in the best of conditions:

  • The wood is shiny
  • There are no stains
  • The wood does not feature any damage
  • The cast iron base is clean and free from rust

If the table is in impressive shape, it will fetch between $100 and $1,500.

The Value of Antique Sewing Machine Table Legs

It is not uncommon for antique collectors to come across sewing machine table legs only. These are separated from the tabletop and the machine.

To get these legs, you will spend between $60 and $150, with the Singer brand legs fetching the highest price. Remember that the leg condition plays a significant role in the price as the cast iron bases are prone to rust if you do not take good care of them.

How To Date Singer Sewing Machine Table

In the first part of this guide, we have mentioned the Singer brand a lot. We have noted that the earliest Singer models tend to fetch the highest prices. However, how do you date a Singer sewing machine table?

In the following section, we will be answering this question:

Use the Sewing Machine to Date the Table

If the Singer sewing machine table still has the actual machine intact, you can use it to date it. All you need to do is check the serial number and the badge. In the following section, we will look at these two options:

Check the Serial Number

Check the Serial Number
Source: thestitchsharer

When dating the singer sewing machine table, one of the first things you will need to watch out for is the serial number. The earliest treadle models carry the serial number on the bed or the throat plate of the sewing machine.

For the later treadle models, the serial number will sit on the right-hand front panel—the serial number will either be embossed in a plate or stamped on the machine. In cases where you cannot find the serial number stamped on the lower front, turn over the machine, and you should be able to find it on the plate.

The earliest Singer sewing machines—between the 1850s and the start of the 1900s—did not have letters in their serial numbers. Also, all machines produced within this period had two serial numbers separated by a hyphen.

While there is no verified explanation on why the machines between 1850 and 1900 had two serial numbers, it is believed that the small number represented the batch or entire production run while the large number represented the number of machines produced in that batch.

Singer machines produced after 1900 had a letter prefix before the actual serial number. For example, a machine manufactured after 1900 will have a serial number like Y6307577.

It is worth noting that online resources help you look up the serial number and determine when the Singer sewing machine table was made. One such tool is the International Sewing Machine Collector’s Society.

Check the Badges

Check the Badges
Source: pixels

Between 1875 and 1951, the Singer sewing machines carried a brass trademark badge. On the badge, the company added the words “The Singer Manufacturing Co.”

These words were accompanied by a logo featuring an embossed shuttle and bobbin, with two sewing needles that crossed each other. Machines produced before 1885 had the name “New York” on their badge.

Look for a Label in the Cabinet

In some cases, you may be able to find a Singer label inside one of the cabinets on the Singer sewing machine table. The information on the cabinet can help you date your antique table. One of the best places to find this information is the cabinet underside.

Assess the Table Hardware

If the Singer sewing machine table has a treadle, it might be one of the earliest machines. Keep in mind that in later years, the sewing machine manufacturers added a knee-press option as an alternative to the foot pedal.

Date the Table by Style

You might be able to estimate the date that your table was produced by looking at its stylistic features. Check the wood finish, assess the details, and look at the general shape of the table and cabinets.

To give you an example, blond wood and chrome would place the Singer sewing machine table in the 1950s—this would mean the table is vintage and not antique. Ornate detailing, small drawers, and curving shapes, on the other hand, could mean the piece is from the 1910s.

Look At the Construction and Materials

This can go beyond helping you with dating the antique Singer sewing machine table to helping you separate reproduced tables from authentic ones. For example, the fiberboard construction places the sewing machine table in the 1960s while plywood and chrome were standard before the 1950s. This means that if the table has fiberboard constructions, it is highly likely to be vintage and not antique.

10 Most Valuable Antique Sewing Machine Tables

Price (USD)
Late 1800s Singer sewing machine table & cabinet
The late 1800s
1882 Model 12 sewing machine table
1881 Model 12 singer sewing machine
New Home Singer sewing machine table
1914 Singer sewing machine table
66 Red Eye sewing machine table
Loeser no. 3 sewing machine table
Davis Treadle sewing machine table
The 1900s
4 drawer Singer sewing machine table
The 1900s
Model-27 Singer sewing machine table

1. Late 1800s Singer Sewing Machine Table & Cabinet

Late 1800s Singer Sewing Machine Table & Cabinet
Source: ebay

Dating back to the late 1800s, this Singer cabinet is the first one on our list because of its extremely high valuation on eBay. Featuring a foldable table that rests on top of the cabinet, this antique piece is priced at $1,260. Interestingly enough, by the time we checked the product on eBay, more than 30 people had already offered to purchase the cabinet.

The cabinet boasts attractive carved wood that keeps it very stable. The cabinet is 32 inches tall, 32 inches long, and has a width of 17.5 inches. According to the seller, the only issue the piece has is some scratches resulting from being around for more than 120 years.

2. 1882 Model 12 Sewing Machine Table

1882 Model 12 Sewing Machine Table
Source: ebay

The model 12 sewing machine table came out of the production facility over 140 years ago in 1882. According to the seller, however, the previous owners have maintained the table’s good condition.

Currently selling on eBay, the table has a price tag of $1,125 attached to it. This amount buys the table for you, two cabinets on the left-hand side, and a big box on top which you can use for storing the sewing machine.

3. 1881 Model 12 Singer Sewing Machine

1881 Model 12 Singer Sewing Machine
Source: ebay

Model 12 from 1881 differed from model 12 produced in 1882. Regarding the cabinets, the 1881 model had 4—two on the left-hand side and two on the right-hand side. However, one similarity that the two tables share is that they all had a box on top for the sewing machine.

Currently, on sale on eBay, the 1881 model 12 is worth $750. According to the seller, this model is in good shape and only features some very minimal imperfections.

4. New Home Singer Sewing Machine Table

New Home Singer Sewing Machine Table
Source: ebay

Dating back to 1906, this New Home sewing machine is part of the 150,000 sewing machines produced between 1906 and 1907. According to the seller, this antique product boasts a working cast iron machine and a castor wheel cart unit. The drawers on the antique table boast sewing contents too.

While it is easy to assume that the currently listed price of $595 is too high for the product, more than 42 people were already interested in purchasing the table when we reviewed the listing. The interest could be from the fact that the antique unit is made of pure oak and is in tip-top shape.

5. 1914 Singer Sewing Machine Table

1914 Singer Sewing Machine Table
Source: ebay

Dating back to 1914, this stunning antique is a statement piece with an oak wood cabinet and a foldable table section. The table comes with its original sewing machine. Produced by Singer, the table boasts six ornate cabinets that can be used for storage.

The seller admits that the antique piece has some wear on the wood and some rust on the cast iron stand. However, this did not deter the buyers from expressing interest in paying the currently listed price of $490. When we checked the piece on eBay, the table had 16 people interested in buying it.  

6. 66 Red Eye Sewing Machine Table

66 Red Eye Sewing Machine Table
Source: ebay

Dating back to 1920, this piece has been around for 102 years. The seller notes that the table is still in good condition, with all the wheels moving as when one pushes the treadle pedal. Coming with its original sewing machine, the table can be used by anyone who wishes to experience the 1920s sewing experience.

Boasting plenty of storage room, the table offers good value for its listed price of $475. To back up this fact, more than 35 people were already interested in acquiring the sewing machine table when we checked the listing.

7. Loeser No. 3 Sewing Machine Table

Loeser No. 3 Sewing Machine Table
Source: ebay

Produced before 1920, this is a large sewing machine table measuring 41 inches from the bottom to the top of the box covering the sewing machine. The table is 13.5 inches wide.

The seller notes that they do not know if the machine works. However, the table is in good condition, free of cracks. To eliminate the scuff and scratches, the seller notes that one may need to invest in a bit of polishing.

It might be easy to assume that the listed price of $450 is high. However, this seems to be not the case considering more than 27 people had already offered to purchase the table by the time we checked the eBay listing.

8. Davis Treadle Sewing Machine Table

Davis Treadle Sewing Machine Table
Source: ebay

This 1900s sewing machine table features an incredible design with beautifully curved wood and minimal scratches and scuffs. The table’s original sewing machine is still available, and the table boasts four drawers, two on the left and two on the right-hand side.

The table selling for $450 on eBay has about 12 people interested in purchasing it. Produced by the Davis S.M. Company, it is one of the rarest pieces we found on eBay.

9. 4 Drawer Singer Sewing Machine Table

4 Drawer Singer Sewing Machine Table
Source: ebay

Dating back to 1900 and 1910, this sewing machine table boasts 29 inches in height. The table on top of the cast iron stand is 36.25 inches long and has a width of 17.5 inches.

The table boasts two drawers on both the left and right-hand sides, meaning it has four drawers. Manufactured by the Singer brand, the table does have its original sewing machine. The seller, however, notes that it may feature minor wear and tear signs.

Listed at $400 on eBay, the sewing machine has managed to attract the attention of more than 14 interested buyers.

10. Model-27 Singer Sewing Machine Table

Model-27 Singer Sewing Machine Table
Source: ebay

This model 27 singer sewing machine table is more than 111 years old, dating back to 1911. The table boasts six drawers—three on the left hand side and three on the right-hand side.

After being around for more than a century, the table has seen a lot of use. Interestingly, however, the table has not acquired a lot of damage—the table is still in a very stable condition and does not have a lot of scratches, wear, or tear.

While the table comes with its original sewing machine, the seller does not indicate whether it is still in working condition. Currently listed for 350 on eBay, the table had attracted the attention of 25 buyers by the time we checked its listing.


When it comes to the value of an antique sewing machine table, several factors are involved. Age plays a role in the value and pricing, with the oldest pieces fetching the highest price in most cases. However, the piece’s condition can lower the value, especially if the table shows a lot of wear and tear.

This antique sewing machine table guide goes beyond the factors that affect the price of antique tables to show you the exact prices. To get a good and valuable table, you should be prepared with $100 to as high as $2,000. And in cases where the antique table is extremely rare, the price might be slightly higher than 2,000.

Have you purchased an antique sewing machine table before? What was your experience? Let us know in the comment section.

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