Antique Dining Table Identification And Value Guide

Antique Dining Table: Identification And Value Guide

Dining room is indeed the ultimate space to gather, enjoy & celebrate with family & friends. And a nice touch from priceless antiques can definitely complete the décor. In fact, an antique dining table is one exclusive purchase to accommodate

Antique Green Canvas Steamer Trunk

Antique Trunks: Identification and Value Guide

Antique trunk remains an impressive vintage collectible to satisfy the hunt. Repurposed objectives enable the pieces to get utilized from different creative contexts. However, you must know the valuation to follow antique trunk identification. And our relentless professionals narrated a

Antique Sideboard & Buffet Identification and Value Guide

Antique Sideboard & Buffet: Identification and Value Guide

Sideboard, buffet, or credenza – almost every dining room had to feature the furniture. It comes with a reasonable history to help the household in cookware management. Also, decorative designs managed to become the central piece of attraction. You can

Antique Secretary Desk: Identification and Value Guide

Plethora of styles keeps contributing to the history of secretary for more than 300 years. It remains a hot choice for passionate collectors from all over the world. However, finding an authentic piece seems somewhat difficult for beginners. That’s where

Antique Chest of Drawers Identification and Values Guide

Antique Chest of Drawers Identification and Values Guide

Have you ever wanted a simple yet ornate antique chest of drawers that draws attention to your living room? Or perhaps you’re a collector who’d love to have an antique chest of drawers in your antiques collection? Antique furniture has

Antique End Table Value and Identification Guide

Antique End Table Value and Identification Guide

Have you ever wanted the opulence and luxurious look of antique end tables gracing your living room? End tables can give any living room grace, and antique ones can really bring a new aesthetic value to yours. There are different

Antique Solid Red Cedar Chest by Cavalier Chattanooga Tenn_little

Antique Cedar Chest: Value And Identification Guide

Chest have their early origins as far back as the Egyptian era and Middle Ages. Primarily, chests were portable storage devices that held the possessions a family owned. Sometimes the chest was the only furniture a family possessed and hence,

Antique Armoire Identification And Value Guide

Antique Armoire: Identification And Value Guide

Not many quintessential antiques are available for purchase in the old-time furniture category. However, you can seriously consider indoor décor encouragement using an antique armoire. Its genuine pieces can surely introduce an everlasting impression for anyone. Choosing the righteous antique

Antique Doorknobs Identification and Value Guide-image

Antique Doorknobs: Identification and Value Guide

Indoor security remains one of the most important subjects of modern-day living. But only a simple doorknob held the established entering point to any space. Reusable options in modern settings are now allowing antique doorknobs to attract passionate collectors. But