Antique Brunswick Pool Tables: Models, Identification, Value

Considered the most finely made pool table ever, a simple look at the antique Brunswick pool tables instantly takes you back to the elegance of the second half of the 19th century. So, if you consider adding exciting recreational furniture to your house, these pool tables might do the trick.

However, collecting the antique Brunswick pool tables can be challenging. Most people—especially those new to the antique furniture collection game—often find it hard to determine the used Brunswick pool table value. Moreover, they can’t differentiate the genuine Brunswick tables from reproductions.

You can get some antique Brunswick pool table models for less than $5,000. However, the best models will require you to spend over $65,000.

This detailed guide will show you how to identify antique Brunswick pool tables. Moreover, we will show you how to estimate their cost.

How to Identify Antique Brunswick Pool Tables

John Brunswick—a Swiss immigrant to the US—started making the Brunswick pool tables in 1845. His product was well received; by 1850, his company had become the best producer of luxurious pool and billiards tables.

More than 170 years later, Brunswick is still respected as the best producer of pool tables in the market, producing both recreational and professional tables of varying prices, designs, and sizes. However, the big question is, how do you identify antique Brunswick pool tables?

Below are ways to pick genuine antique pool tables manufactured by Brunswick:

Find the Maker’s Mark

Find the Maker's Mark
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The maker, in this case, is Brunswick. By the time Brunswick produced the antique pool tables, the maker’s marks were very common.

For this reason, most of the genuine antique pool tables from Brunswick have the company’s name somewhere on their wooden frame. On some of the tables, Brunswick added a metal placard to the frame—the company primarily used brass.

It is important to remember that Brunswick was once named Brunswick-Balke-Collender—this name might sit on some of the oldest tables.

If you find the manufacturer’s marks on the table, analyze them carefully. If the table is a genuine antique, the maker’s mark should have aging signs like:

  • Faded ink
  • Scuff marks
  • Oldish patina appearance

Check for Historic Design Elements

Brunswick was known for its advanced craftsmanship. Tables produced by the company also boasted luxurious ornamentation.

The antique Brunswick pool tables were manufactured to remain intact for years and decades. Moreover, Brunswick generally targeted the elites as its ideal customers—for this reason, no expenses were spared in the production of the pool tables.

The antique Brunswick tables will look over the top, especially if you compare them to modern pool tables from other manufacturers. The decorative and design features you will need to watch out for include:

  • Carved and thick legs
  • An inverted pyramid shape. This shape tends to extend from the table’s center.
  • Ornate carvings on the table’s wooden frames
  • Dovetail joints
  • Rope epaulets. These are tacked onto the pool table corners.
  • Painted details.

List Of Brunswick Pool Table Models

Since Brunswick started making pool tables in 1845, the company has released different models. Below, we will look at the most popular Brunswick pool table models:

Brunswick Cabinet No. 1

Brunswick Cabinet No. 1
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This model utilized the space often left beneath pool tables. In addition to being attractive recreational furniture, the model featured cabinets that could be sued to store various items.

It had a dart and egg molding and also featured Doric caps. Built with walnut or mahogany, Brunswick Cabinet No. 1 was a classy, elegant pool table that first came out in 1894.

The Challenge

The Challenge
Source: pastperfectonline

Produced between 1892 and 1905, The Challenge was a classy pool table with minimal decorations. Brunswick’s aim in making this model was to keep up with the Mission style that was becoming popular during this period.

The Elizabethan

The Elizabethan
Source: pastperfectonline

Brunswick built The Elizabethan model in 1926. This is one of the few antique Brunswick pool table models featuring a medieval design. However, it had deep carvings and heavy details.

The Home Comfort

The Home Comfort
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This Brunswick pool table model was designed for middle-class people. The pool table model boasted an exciting style where its small-sized table could be turned into a seat. This model was produced for the first time in 1908.

The Monarch

The Monarch
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The Monarch boasts the most intricate design on this list of Brunswick pool table models. This piece came out in 1875. One of the most carved pool tables produced by Brunswick, The Monarch featured several types of wood—these included:

  • Tulipwood
  • Rosewood
  • French walnut
  • Ebony
  • California laurel
  • Burl ash
  • Birds eye maple

Its legs were made of cast iron and shaped like lions. The Monarch is the most preferred option for the collection of antique Brunswick pool tables because of its unique beauty and lavish decoration.

The St. Benard Mission

The St. Benard Mission
Source: bit

Brunswick decided to make The St. Bernard Mission model the epitome of the Mission furniture style that had just become so popular. This pool table was in production between 1892 and 1905. It boasts chunky southwestern accents and has some primitive carvings typical of Mission-style furniture.

How Much Is My Brunswick Pool Table Worth?

Regarding the used Brunswick pool table value, different tables will have different values. For example, on eBay, some antique Brunswick pool table models sell at $60,000+ while others are worth less than $5,000.

For this reason, the best way to know the used Brunswick pool table value is to do deep research. Below, we will show you various ways you can use to get an accurate figure:

Check Auction Sites

There is a likelihood that someone has listed a table similar to yours on an online auction website. Visiting these websites and searching for your antique Brunswick pool table model should quickly help you pull out models identical to yours. In addition, the prices should help you estimate the amount your table might be worth.

Consult a Local Pool Tables Dealer

It will help if you locate an antique pool table dealer. Chances are that the dealer has sold a pool table similar to yours in the past.

Also, using their experience in the business, the professional should help you get an accurate estimate of your Brunswick table’s value. However, a conflict of interest may keep the dealer from giving you the correct figure.

Since they may want to purchase your pool table at a lower value to keep their margins high, the shop owner may undervalue the Brunswick pool table.

Use the Services of a Professional Appraiser

The best way to answer the question “how much is my Brunswick pool table worth?” is to use the services of a professional appraiser. However, for the appraiser to estimate the amount you will get if you put up the table for sale, you will have to pay for their knowledge and expertise. However, using the appraiser is the most effective way of getting an accurate estimate.

Factors That Affect the Used Brunswick Pool Table Value


In most cases, the value of antique Brunswick pool tables increases with age. This is especially true if the old pool tables are in good condition.


Brunswick produced some models in large quantities. Other models were produced in limited quantities. The antique Brunswick pool table models built in limited quantities are rarer—this often increases their value in the market.


Most pool table buyers want something they can buy and use. They do not want to buy an antique Brunswick pool table and spend extra money restoring it. For this reason, pool tables in good condition are costlier than pool tables in lousy shape.


Famous individuals have owned Brunswick pool tables—these people include the following:

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Andrew Carnegie
  • George Custer
  • Henry Ford
  • P. Morgan
  • John D. Rockefeller

An antique Brunswick pool table owned by any notable people will be worth much more than a table without an exciting history.


One reason pool tables manufactured by Brunswick stood out is their superior design. However, even though all its pool tables stood out because of their over-the-top design, some stood out more than others.

For example, The Monarch is the most sought-after Brunswick pool table because of its standout design. Compared to all the other models, The Monarch boasts the most intricate design and combines many high-quality kinds of wood. So, because of its impressive design, The Monarch will be more expensive than other models.

10 Most Valuable Antique Brunswick Pool Tables

Cost (USD)
Brunswick The Monarch Pool Table
Brunswick Ash Brilliant Novelty Pool Table
9 Feet Brunswick-Balke-Collender Pool Table
The 1870s
Brunswick Cabinet Model No. 1 Pool Table
Brunswick New Acme Pool Table
Brunswick Medalist Pool Table
Brunswick Custom Made Pool Table
The 1900s
Brunswick Manhattan Pool Table
Brunswick Narragansett Pool Table
Brunswick 1900 Pool Table

1. Brunswick The Monarch Pool Table

Brunswick The Monarch Pool Table
Source: ebay

Produced in 1882, Brunswick outdid itself with this model—it is the most standout model in the company’s 170-year history. According to the seller, this antique “The Monarch” pool table is in perfect condition and does not feature any significant signs of cosmetic wear.

This antique has cast iron legs that are molded into model lions. The other parts of the pool table are made of various high-end kinds of wood. Currently listed on eBay, this antique Brunswick table is selling at $65,000. Interestingly, the pool table already has 26 people interested in it.

2. Brunswick Ash Brilliant Novelty Pool Table

Brunswick Ash Brilliant Novelty Pool Table
Source: ebay

This antique pool table from Brunswick was produced in 1885. The 9 feet pool table belongs to the Ash Brilliant Novelty model.

The seller notes that even after more than 135 years since its manufacture, the pool table is still in mint condition and does not show any damage. The pool table will come with a bundle that includes an Arimath pro ball set, Monarch cue rack, Iwan Simonis 860 cloth, six cues, a table brush, and more.

You will need $45,000 to buy the pool table. However, even at this price, the table has already attracted the interest of 19 buyers.

3. 9 Feet Brunswick-Balke-Collender Pool Table

9 Feet Brunswick-Balke-Collender Pool Table
Source: ebay

This 9-foot Brunswick pool table is one of the oldest we found on sale. Produced in the 1870s, it is more than 1.5 decades old.

Interestingly, however, the seller notes that the table does not show any damage. The table is currently listed on eBay at $38,000. More than ten buyers have already expressed interest in this antique Brunswick pool table.

4. Brunswick Cabinet Model No. 1 Pool Table

Brunswick Cabinet Model No. 1 Pool Table
Source: ebay

This Brunswick pool table has been around since 1896. However, the seller notes that even though the pool table will turn 130 years old in the next four years, it is still in excellent condition.

This pool table boasts an excellent design that utilizes the space under the pool. In addition, it boasts drawers and cabinets that can be used for storage.

The Brunswick Cabinet Model No. 1 Pool Table is listed on eBay for $36,000; interestingly, 14 people are looking forward to buying it.

5. Brunswick New Acme Pool Table

Brunswick New Acme Pool Table
Source: ebay

This Brunswick New Acme model was produced in 1881. It boasts round legs, an impressive design, and one of the most spectacular inlay works. It combines floral and geometric works along the sides that make it stand out.

The 9 feet table is reportedly still in good condition. The seller has listed it on eBay for $27,500—more than 30 people were already looking to purchase the table by the time we checked its listing.

6. Brunswick Medalist Pool Table

Brunswick Medalist Pool Table
Source: ebay

This antique Brunswick pool table is one of the few Medalist model pool tables produced in the 1920s—this table was built in 1923. The pool table materials include a Circassian Walnut with inlay and rails made of rosewood.

This restored antique pool table comes with Belgium Aramith pool balls, an Antique cue rack, four cues, a Brunswick wood triangle, and much more. To get all this, however, you will need $24,000 to pay for the table. Nevertheless, more than 40 people had already expressed interest in the table when we checked its listing.

7. Brunswick Custom Made Pool Table

Brunswick Custom Made Pool Table
Source: ebay

This antique Brunswick table was produced in the 1900s. The seller notes that it is one of a kind because it was custom-made—this means that its design is not replicated in other models.

The antique pool table boasts pyramid-style legs, a green top, and intricate designs on the sides. Currently listed on eBay, you can get this table at $22,999.99. When we checked the listing, we noticed that 50+ people were already interested in adding the pool table to their collection.

8. Brunswick Manhattan Pool Table

Brunswick Manhattan Pool Table
Source: ebay

This Brunswick Manhattan Pool Table was manufactured in 1890. The seller, however, notes that after 130+ years of use, they have restored it professionally—currently, the table is in a “line new” condition.

The table has new super speed cushions, new wood backing for its cushions, and much more—the antique Brunswick table boasts oak and rosewood as its primary materials. The piece is listed on eBay at $14,000.

9. Brunswick Narragansett Pool Table

Brunswick Narragansett Pool Table
Source: ebay

This Brunswick Narragansett Pool Table first came out of the factory in 1890. However, the seller notes that it has been restored to a “like new” condition, eliminating all the signs of wear.

The seller notes that this piece has already interested 11 buyers and has new cushions, new cushion backings, new wood pocket drops, and new Iwan Simons 860 cloth. Currently listed on eBay, you can get this antique Brunswick pool table for $14,000.

10. Brunswick 1900 Pool Table

Brunswick 1900 Pool Table
Source: ebay

This one might interest you if you have been watching out for an antique Brunswick pool table worth less than $10,000. Currently listed on eBay, this Brunswick 1900 Pool Table sells at $9,800. The table, however, has already attracted the interest of 13 buyers.

You will get a rack, bridges, cues, and balls for the current price. If you are worried that you may get a beat-up table, you do not have to—the seller notes that the table does not show any damage.


If you are thinking of shooting pool balls on an antique Brunswick pool table you own, this guide should be your first step to finding a good table. We have looked at the used Brunswick pool table value, included a list of Brunswick table models, and answered the question, “how much is my Brunswick pool table worth?”

If your goal is to get a genuine antique, always have a professional analyze it before paying. Working with a professional appraiser will help you verify that the table is genuine, and you are paying the right price.

We hope this detailed guide has answered your questions about antique Brunswick pool tables. Please let us know in the comment section if there are additional questions we did not discuss to your satisfaction.  

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