40 Best Vintage Christmas Decorations In The 1950s And 1960s

Christmas is just a couple of months away, and you’ve been wanting to get vintage Christmas decorations for your home. You might be new to this, but there are a lot of great vintage things to get from the 1950s and 1960s era.

Christmas decorations are not just about the Christmas tree. Sure, there’s the tree, I mean, the whole vibe won’t be complete without a tree, but most people had add-ons like decoration on doors, windows, floors, and walls. These kinds of decorations were popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

The 1950s and 1960s were eras of innovation when it came to Christmas decorations. The novelty of being able to get dazzling colored lights made it easier for people to decorate their homes in a creative manner. As time progressed, people started to go for more elaborate decorations.

Are you looking at giving your home that vintage feel? We have listed a couple of vintage Christmas decorations in the 1950s and 1960s.

Best Vintage Christmas Decorations In The 1950s

Christmas has changed considerably over the years, and a lot of the Christmas decorations that were popular have now passed into history. The following are pictures and descriptions of vintage Christmas decorations from the 1950s.

These are all very different but they give us a great insight into how Christmas has changed since its inception. If you are looking for inspiration from way back, check out what we have listed below.

1. Christmas Tree Color Wheel

Christmas Tree Color Wheel

Although technology has changed, this 4-shades-of-light projector is still very useful, especially when you want to add a retro touch to your Christmas tree.  This wheel has a long history as part of the holidays in America.vermontcountrystore.com

2. Wooden Ornaments

Wooden Ornaments

Even with plastic ornaments in play, most families in the ’50s preferred using wooden ornaments for their Christmas decorations. These wooden ornaments are handcrafted and would give your home that vintage Christmas feel.

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3. Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments

Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments

A bunch of wooden Christmas tree ornaments from the old days. Adding these to your Christmas tree is a great way to bring back old memories.

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4. Bold & Beautiful Christmas Tree

Bold & Beautiful Christmas Tree

Most rich families in the 60s also had a habit of making their Christmas tree look bold and beautiful. This DIY tutorial from Jen Woodhouse will show you how to make your very own bold and beautiful Christmas tree.jenwoodhouse.com

5. Shiny Ornaments

Shiny Ornaments

Today we know many Christmas ornaments as being decorated with ribbon, lace, and colorful paper; but it wasn’t always this way. In the 1950s, Christmas ornaments were almost exclusively manufactured as shiny glass balls and decorated with decorative glitter.

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6. Gingerbread Wooden Door Hanger

Gingerbread Wooden Door Hanger

This Gingerbread Wooden Door Hanger by Jamie Mills Price has vintage written all over it. Hanging this on your door would bring back memories of Christmas in the old days to your visitors. You can also hang this in hallways and just about anywhere you deem fit.

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7. Aluminum Christmas Tree

Aluminum Christmas Tree

Most Christmas trees in the 50s were made out of aluminum, and if you didn’t have a real tree, they were the next best thing. In the mid-50s, aluminum Christmas trees popped up, but they didn’t last long.

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8. Vintage Christmas Decor

No intentions of cooking during Christmas? Then let this video inspire you. The creator completely transformed her kitchen space into a retro-style arena. To have this you would need to spend money on vintage ornaments.

9. Vintage Santa Claus Decor

Vintage Santa Claus Decor

You can also dedicate a whole space to Santa Claus figurines. A couple of vintage Santa figurines on a rustic shelf or cabinet would do the trick.


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10. Vintage Christmas Tablecloth

Vintage Christmas Tablecloth

A Vintage Christmas Tablecloth is the best way to make your dining room look like how it did in the 50s for the holidays. Holiday seasons are approaching and to make your celebration merrier, buy a vintage Christmas tablecloth.


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11. Red Buffalo Check Bedding

Red Buffalo Check Bedding

The holiday season is in full swing, which means that quite a few visitors will be stopping by to spend a night or two in your guest bedroom. And they’ll want something stylish to lay their head on, right? Try out red buffalo check bedding. Not only does it make your place look all the cozier, but it’ll also give it a subtle, mature vintage style.walmart.com

12. Vintage-Inspired Advent Calendar

Vintage-Inspired Advent Calendar

The anticipation of a Christmas chocolate is a tradition that doesn’t go out of style. The holidays are really not complete without the anticipation of that rich, cocoa, sweet and creamy delight. Whether you’re planning a Christmas party or just want to make your home into a winter wonderland, this illustration will put you in the mood for the holidays.worldmarket.com

13. Vintage Christmas Signs

Vintage Christmas Signs

Vintage Christmas signs are the coolest! And not because of the retro design or colors. It’s kind of a mix between both, but it goes far beyond. Vintage Christmas signs are nostalgic in my opinion; they inspire warm feelings all over the place.walmart.com

14. Gift Wrapping Paper

Gift Wrapping Paper

Retro wrapping has a great, modern style and its designs remind us more of the ’50s and ’60s than the current wrapping paper in stores. This unique, vintage-looking wrapping paper is a great decor idea for under your vintage Christmas tree.papersource.com

15. Wooden Sled

Wooden Sled

A wooden sled makes for a rustic decorating accent, like when you’re using it as a Christmas decoration. If you have much space to decorate, try making your own toboggan.walmart.com

16. Ceramic Trees

Ceramic Trees

When you think of ceramic trees, you probably think of the ones that are popular now at Christmas time. These ceramic trees were made in the 1950s, and are very hard to find. When you see one for sale, snatch it up because it may soon be worth a small fortune.walmart.com

17. Outdoor Vintage Christmas Decoration

Outdoor Vintage Decorations

A vintage lover will be excited by this front door, given how there’s a bottlebrush tree wreath, a garland of giant retro lights, and stately golden nutcrackers on it. This is an amazing outdoor vintage Christmas decoration idea.sugarandcloth.com

18. Santa Mugs

Santa Mugs

I love these vintage Santa mugs. They’re really simple, and they don’t seem as tacky as a lot of other kinds of holiday decorations out there. These vintage Santa mugs are just the right size for some steaming cup of cocoa while you’re working on your novel.amazon.com

19. Bottlebrush Trees

Bottlebrush Trees

You may have already seen these trees, manufactured in the 1930s and repurposed in many homes during the Christmas season. They can be used to accentuate a Christmas village or added to Christmas crafts.walmart.com

20. Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells

Hearing the sound of jingle bells reminds you of Christmas, and probably other memories. These Vintage jingle bells decor is a captivating and inspiring piece to hang on your wall and will be the center of attention.aliexpress.com

21. Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings

Stockings are a traditional part of Christmas, and will always remain a popular decoration for the festive season. However, since we are talking about vintage, you would want to get the vintage ones for your decor needs.walmart.com

22. Popcorn Garlaand

Popcorn Garlaand

This would be loved by the little ones, and the results are both warm and beautiful when placed on the Christmas tree.dellcovespices.com

Best Vintage Christmas Decorations In The 1960s

I’m in love with vintage Christmas decorations! It’s so much fun seeing everything you can uncover from the past that is still relevant. It is a great way to steal some ideas and techniques on how it used to be done, so you can pass them on to your kids and grandkids.

Christmas is about the need to enjoy and make merry in the best possible way. There are still a lot of people around who prefer to celebrate Christmas with vintage decor. It’s not hard to see why; vintage is full of charm, nostalgia, and beauty.

Are you inspired by the sixties? If you are, you might love decorating your home for Christmas in the same style. Since not too many people now remember what decor for Christmas in the 1960s looked like, we have gathered some photos and ideas for you here! Good luck finding them in today’s shops!

23. Hang The Tinsel

Hang The Tinsel

In the 1960s, people in the United States started to popularize tinsel as an alternative to Christmas lights. This material was considered safer than the commonly used lights and can be an effective way to add shimmer to your tree.amazon.com

24. Toy Train Around The Tree

Toy Train Around The Tree

In the early 1900s, people relied on trains as a primary mode of transportation. It’s not surprising that toy versions of these all-important vehicles started appearing underneath Christmas trees during that time. Set up a track around your Christmas tree to take your decor to the old days.

25. Mistletoe Kissing Ball

Mistletoe Kissing Ball

After Charles Dickens wrote about mistletoe in his works, people began to use kissing balls with the plant as a sign of good tidings for those who walked under them before the Christmas holiday.

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26. Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Trust me, your yard would look a whole lot better and 60s themed with vintage lights. Feel free to go over the top with placements. The more the merrier.

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27. Merry Christmas Banner

Merry Christmas Banner

After your tree and lights have been put in place, you should seal it up with a vintage style “Merry Christmas” banner.

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28. Pull Out Old Figurines

Pull Out Old Figurines

Find a place to display the classic figurines that your family has collected over the years, such as Pixie Elves, Byer’s Christmas Carolers, or Snowbabies. These characters were the inspiration for other Christmas-themed characters that have been developed over time.amazon.com

29. Set Up A Christmas Village

Set Up A Christmas Village

The tradition of tiny structures for Christmas decor can be traced all the way back to the 17th century. It was in the 1970s that charming ceramic houses began to appear. Today, you can find a lot of groups and chat rooms for people who are into Christmas villages.

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30. Pixie Elves Banner

Pixie Elves Banner

Looking for old-fashioned Christmas decor? The Pixie elves figurines have been around way before the elf on the street. Hanging this pixie elves banner next to your fireplace would be a great vintage Christmas decor idea.

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31. Large Porch Ornaments

Large Porch Ornaments

Vintage Santa figurines are a perfect decorative accent for holiday wreaths, yard decorations, or any special event where you want to create a festive story.

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32. Vintage Snowman

Vintage Snowman

Not ready to build a frosty snowman? You can always purchase one with looks from the 60s. Using a special vintage snowman outdoors would definitely attract vintage lovers’ eyes.

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33. Fabric Covered Christmas Baubles

Fabric Covered Christmas Baubles

Unusual Vintage Christmas decorations are hard to find. There isn’t much out there that you can’t find in every store and online, and that’s why people love to decorate with vintage things. Let me just say I think I found the absolute best vintage item yet — Vintage Fabric Covered Christmas Baubles.

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34. Nutcrackers


It’s always so much fun to decorate your home for the holidays. And, it’s even more fun when you can find vintage holiday decor items that make it even more special. So, add a little elegance to your home this year with nutcrackers.

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35. Reindeers


Have you ever spent your Christmas decorating with reindeer? It’s an interesting contrast to have the vintage feel of Christmas with the modern style of reindeer. Your porch is a great place for this decor item.

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36. Nostalgic Decorative Plates

Nostalgic Decorative Plates

Christmas plates and vintage decor are the romantic details for Christmas decorating in a house. Even after a number of years, it is used for adding to the glamour of Christmas celebrations without any boredom.

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37. Vintage Christmas Toy

Vintage Christmas Toy

Holiday decorations add to the comfort and ambiance of a home. Each of the rooms should be decorated with special care. Christmas toys are suitable for a variety of interior design styles. Simply place them at strategic points and you are good to go!walmart.com

38. Snow Globes

Snow Globes

For most people, Christmas decor isn’t complete without snow globes. Instead of buying snowglobes, here’s a tutorial that shows you how to make cheap ones that have a vintage look and feel.thesprucecrafts.com

39. Antique Mirrors

Antique Mirrors

Another way to make the room feel like home for Christmas is by decorating it with vintage-style mirrors. In most cases, modern mirrors might not look so great with vintage Christmas decorations.

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40. Matching PJs

Matching PJs

Pajamas have been around since the 17th century. As the final piece of your Vintage Christmas decorations, ensure that the whole family is wearing matching PJs, “even the dog and cat”.mommematch.com


Now, we have come to the end of our list of best vintage Christmas decorations in the 50s and 60s. There were a lot of good ideas that offer you a new perspective on how to make your Christmas holidays more festive and bring back memories of the good old days.

We will probably add new ideas to the post later, but now you are equipped with all the basics that you need for your next holiday celebration! Thank you very much for reading our list. It’s been a pleasure to share with you the ideas. We hope that these examples will inspire you to create the perfect next Christmas for your family.

If you have questions or contributions, feel free to use the comments section below.

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