30 Best Online Antique Stores

Getting your hands on rare antiques is a pretty time-consuming, daunting & troublesome task. But searching the online stores can immediately relieve the distorting stress. And lots of shops/stores are setting a website to reach the customers.

However, antique business always remains susceptible to fraud, scam & reproduction. Therefore, you should start with some dependable platforms to deal with antiques. And we narrowed down the countless number of online stores for you.

30 Best Online Antique Stores

30 Best Online Antique Stores

  1. Ruby Lane: It appears more like a virtual antique mall to cover fine arts up to fashionable products. The platform holds an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau). And it features an ever-changing selection for passionate collectors.
  2. Artfire: The site allows talented artists from all around the world to display the masterpieces. Its offered items appear in 6 different categories for sales. However, it remains a dependable platform to trade classic handmade collectibles.
  3. Red Line Vintage: It’s one of the promising yet less-known sites to feature an excellent collection. In fact, you’re to encounter some impressive artworks here. There’s no official website, you’re to enter the selections from its Facebook page.
  4. 1st Dibs: The high-end auction site carefully vets the interested persons for participation. Overall coverage counts pretty impressive with many top-quality collectibles. It offers absolute authentication of every product to utilize the platform.
  5. Chairish: Hold your breath for a negotiating session over your favorite antiques on the site. There are more than 38,000 antique pieces available for your purchase. However, its individual sellers may not provide complete authenticity.
  6. Omerohome: The online platform contains a dependable list of several well-curated items. One main concern lies with its outstanding variation in the product lineup. There are many sculptures, kitchenware & furniture of artistic value.
  7. Webstore: The upcoming auction store already enlisted a versatile range of items. Its marketplace provides an excellent facility for buyers as well as sellers. You can simply heck into several options along with collectibles & antiques.
  8. MS Rau Antiques: The New Orleans-based platform holds one noteworthy collection of unique products. Certain specialty in collectibles offers an immense range of selection. Incredible trading policy lets you check into different items for years.
  9. Sotheby’s: It’s a well-established auction platform to specialize in fair valuation & authentication. It particularly deals with expensive & luxurious collectibles. And the 1744-founded service provides an absolute purchasing guarantee.
  10. Rejuvenation: Curated selection from the platform comes ready to fit modern décor towards positivity. It also takes an active part in restoring the former antique beauty. You can afford collectibles to feature vintage pieces within budget.
  11. Modern Antiquarian: Another curating team stands to sell interesting & impressive finds. It concerns decorative pieces with a brief history for additional fascination. And you can directly place the order with maximum confidence.
  12. Etsy: Its well-set selection manages to adorn multiple top-quality vintage pieces. You’re to explore its ‘Art & Collectibles’ as well as ‘Vintage’ section for uses. A wide coverage regarding classic objects should leave an everlasting impression.
  13. Amazon: Likewise, the most established online store features some look-worthy antique collections. But it isn’t exactly the place to check original fine artwork/piece. Instead, the platform remains one secure option to attend cheaper products.
  14. eBay: No further introduction is necessary for the worldwide popular online marketplace. A defined section explicitly deals with vintage artworks with valuable antiques. It remains a particular preference for beginner-level parties.
  15. Tara Shaw Antiques: Complete focus on the European cultural history reaches your home décor. It lets you set some amazing continental antiques on purchase. Classic European objects appear in a supportive thought-out list.
  16. Craigslist: It’s another well-reputed resource to feature exclusive antique pieces. Many valid buyers, as well as sellers, receive a supportive service. Also, you should check the special antique category to hold completely unique pieces.
  17. OLX: The rapidly growing online marketplace features almost everything to make your day. Conscious dealers are yet to use the platform for further enhancement. And it’s possible to encounter absolute antiques from time to time.
  18. The Good Mod: You’re to check some impressive antiques from the mid-century periods. However, the platform specializes in classic furniture over others. You should look into its exclusive collectibles of lighting fixtures & other accessories.
  19. Bonanza: It’s one underrated site yet to gain popularity over dependable selections. The score stands noticeably higher than eBay or Amazon. It lists multiple artworks, collectibles, souvenirs & antiques under different categories.
  20. TIAS Antiques: The online resource explicitly concerns vintage advertisements over decorative pieces. Items like neon lights, posters, or cards are the fundamental options. Also, you may look into the other antiques available for purchase.
  21. Srchie: It’s arguably one virtual site to give you the experience of flea market purchase. Heavy lifting may overwhelm your search for the right product. Not to mention, you can find an impressive number of affordably cheap products.
  22. Rehab Vintage Interiors: A booming online store to house many antiques, specializing in furniture. Despite its limited collection, the authenticity remains beyond question. Additional items may include classic household items & artworks.
  23. Selency: One of the first European online marketplaces feature experts, connoisseurs & shoppers. The site offers more than 10,000 well-curated vintage objects for sales. Its optimum authenticity verification confirms every piece’s antiquity.
  24. Antiques & Chatchkes: It’s an elaborate platform to let you explore many choices on antiques. Almost everything remains available for purchase over absolute authenticity. It seems almost impossible to miss the list of classic items.
  25. Zibbet: Despite its limited collection for trading, the site provides a pleasing user experience. You’ll find a good selection of smaller items rather than spacious designs. Its similar Etsy interface focuses on handmade vintage products.
  26. Mid-Century Mobbler: Anyone to look for mid-century modern designs should look here first. You can afford the favorite 50’s & 60’s dream furniture designs. Also, the site remains one leading platform for the intended collectibles.
  27. Old Plank: The USA-based platform manages to become the destination of rare antiques. Its owners are literally obsessed with collecting the best pieces. Apart from American antiques, you can easily check its English or Italian selections.
  28. Shopify: The ultimate platform can help you to find extremely rare antiques within reasonable tags. An almost endless range of antiques remains available for sales. It offers respective trading along with numerous categorized products.
  29. Just Vintage Home: It’s one store to let you catch many pre-medieval, medieval & post-medieval items. A wide variety of collectibles should hold your conscious attention. Plenty of offerings make the system worth your consideration.
  30. Instagram: Of course, social media isn’t exactly an online antique shop. But its satisfactory content ads appear better than many standard stores. You can make deals with vintage enthusiasts as well as validated dealers.

Still, there are several other dependable sites to offer many valuable antiques. It’s impossible for anyone to enlist the platforms operating to international extents.

Currently, a lot of US-based as well as UK-based online stores remain operational. Likewise, you’re to check other stores to offer trades in different countries.

Of course, there are many other stores to concern authentic pieces from the past. However, it’ll become infinite content to describe every individual platform.

Current pandemic forced many offline shops or stores to go online to survive the thrust. And you can easily explore the nearby services using online searches.

However, you should start prioritizing the favorite pieces to save researching hassles. Right there, the website should immediately reveal its available selections.

Experts Tips on Online Antique Purchase

Poor knowledge can expose you to deceiving issues, even with dependable sites. Therefore, many antique enthusiasts prepared simple yet useful guidelines. The intended tips can save you from bogus options from invalid dealers.

  • Keep googling your intended object to reveal more information on its validated authentication.
  • Contact the dealers or sellers on product purchase, delivery & return policy before confirmation.
  • Explore the local antique resources closely to catch the essential points from a practical context.
  • Consider every available detail with the description to understand the item’s precise valuation.
  • Make the payments using trustworthy or established platforms like PayPal, Venmo, or Payoneer.
  • Consult the community or forum to understand the viability of vague or suspicious information.
  • Emphasize a relevant comparison between similar antique pieces available on several websites.
  • Check the bookmarked store frequently to detect any particular change, upgrade, or availability.

Final Words

Almost every subtle vintage object attracts passionate collectors from all generations. And it manages to keep the demand high for several antique pieces. There’s no need to spend time hunting down the righteous purchase on offline approaches.

Online stores just brought the whole selection within certain categories under your fingertips. Grab a refreshing cup of coffee or tea to sit comfortably on the chair or couch. Keep clicking the website links to sort the available options on your preference.

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