23 Best Places to Buy Vintage Furniture Online

Your home décor remains incomplete without some well-curated antique pieces. But you don’t have to risk your life on a traditional flea-market purchase. In fact, the booming online business stands ready to bring affordable vintage furniture under your fingertips.

Likewise, you shouldn’t waste your time on some suspicious online websites or stores. We would like to help you with some viable sources for placing your initial investment. You better get started with the available shops to deliver high-quality vintage furniture.

Werdenberg Castle
Kecko,Werdenberg Castle,The bequest of the interior design under Johann Ulrich Hilty, who bought the castle in 1835.

23 Best Places to Buy Vintage Furniture Online

  1. Etsy: It’s indeed a favorite marketplace to deal with small to large antique furniture. You’re to select the category to browse the room décor. There, you can find pieces for the living room, bedroom, dining room, office, kitchen & others.
  2. 1stDibs: The site started its journey in 2001 to establish a solid reputation. The platform lets you get connected to many antique dealers. However, the countless inventory can turn overwhelming without proper knowledge/choice.
  3. eBay: It’s one site to cover almost everything necessary for your living. However, the store also features tons of vintage collectibles within budget. But likewise, you’ll have to overcome too many nonsense items from the list.
  4. Amazon: The most well-recognized platform has to offer something reasonable. You’re to find several antique furniture pieces, wall-arts & decorative items. But you must remain conscious about its quality, packaging & delivery.
  5. One Kings Lane: The website exclusively integrates a section on vintage pieces only. You can easily check into the coveted furniture in no time. Putting simple searching tags on the styles should narrow down the available options.
  6. Chairish: A reliable marketplace for the party’s interest in absolute antiques. The platform appears more like a gold mine for vintage piece collectors. You’ll only find authentic time-period items without remakes or marriage.
  7. Everything But The House: It concerns almost anything to relate estate sales online. Its auctioning section allows you to bid on any particular item. You can even purchase furniture from brand sorting on special preference.
  8. Pamono: The exclusive platform gets you the preferred vintage piece in perfect aesthetics. Its ‘Custom Vintage’ section partners with Kvadrat. Take your time to choose the ultimate household item to make certain changes.
  9. Mid Century Mobler: Anything to cope with the classic mid-20th century fashion remains here. You can easily look for your favorite pieces to match 50’s, 60’s & 70’s style. It’s one leading antique furniture dealer in the USA.
  10. Rejuvenation: Apart from selling antiques, the team even restores historical pieces. There are many items within a wide range of furniture categories. Not to mention, you can initiate searches by rooms for better catchup.
  11. Jayson Home: It also takes part in dealing with vintage pieces of furniture. However, the platform even integrates a supportive small-scale flea market. You should look into the mighty furniture with imposed exterior decoration.
  12. Sotheby’s Home: The well-known site can offer you luxurious pieces at affordable tags. It particularly deals with grand furniture from famous houses. And you can place a somewhat lower bid to purchase any preferred item.
  13. Urbanrefinds: The German Etsy store features several high-quality collectibles to hold the interest. However, most of the furniture pieces are from the ’50s to ’70s. You’ll even receive a description of each piece to catch its condition.
  14. Savage Cactus Co: It’s a USA-based Etsy to operate from Minneapolis. And the specialty primarily concerns southwestern styles for the antiques. In addition, you’re to enjoy free shipping to exceed a certain purchase limit.
  15. Vintage Wanders: The UK-based Etsy exclusively curates bohemian household décor. You’ll find an impressive collection of rattan, wicker & bamboo. And the overall coverage remains mid-century for most of the cases.
  16. FB Marketplace: Facebook’s antique marketplace is indeed a virtual thrift shop for bargainers. However, it requires some in-depth digging to reach a viable level. Sorting your location, budget, style, preference can ease the process.
  17. The Local Vault: Its luxury consignment platform lets you shop like a designer. Curated pieces with multiple customizations come with a specialty. And the purchase is sure to cost you considerable bucks from the wallet.
  18. Live Auctioneers: The virtual place gets you to check an extensive range of furniture. Likewise, you can participate in auctions/bids for purchase. Neatly arranged categories should help you identify your preferred pieces.
  19. Auction Ninja: The site allows you to surf the local & even regional estate sales. You can place bids on antique pieces to make precious deals. It’s possible to figure out multiple decorative items within an inexpensive range.
  20. The SaleRoom: It’s a UK-based online store to operates in different parts of the world. The site primarily covers auctions to allow direct participation. You can set alarms/notifications for particular items upon their availability.
  21. Revival Rugs: The online store directly sells authentic rugs to possess vintage value. It explicitly focuses on a wide range of Turkish & Moroccan rugs. And the products are handmade, adding extra impression to the value.
  22. Apt Deco: It’s an elaborate marketplace to take care of product shipping/delivery. Interested parties can either buy or sell particular antiques on authentication. But the localized site remains confined to the great NYC area.
  23. Kairos Collective: The platform is a special favorite among interior designers. However, its coverage mostly concerns the luxurious spectrum. The team offers careful curation & even provides some edits by the furniture style.

The list seems almost countless with available independent shops, online stores & local services. As it looks, almost every major city has multiple options for online purchases.

There is a satisfactory number of US-based as well as UK-based platforms with collectibles. You can consider Omero, Viyet, Rubylane, FleaPop, Wisteria & others.

Exploring the internet should suffice your quest with supportive answers. Consulting experts or someone to know the stores should help you understand the acceptance.

Online Searches for Local Antique Store

Still, many beginners remain confused about furniture preference, style, design, type & provenance. You better head to the local yet recognized antique stores for primary researches. Of course, you should check local or regional regulations regarding the lockdown or movement restriction.

A known community or forum to deal with antiques can provide great help to shape your knowledge. And don’t hesitate to google your nearby vintage stores or shops along with additional resources. It should narrow down the overall viability regarding a successful antique purchase.

Expert Tips on Successful Online Purchase

Still, the abundance of resources shouldn’t keep you distracted from top-quality products. Experts warned about the chances of absolute fraud or scams on certain sales. Therefore, professionals explicitly enlisted a suggestion to help beginners on approach.

  1. Pay frequent visits to the online marketplace to judge the demand, price & other relevant details.
  2. Look for anything new or modified within a viable tag to meet your relevant budget in the platform.
  3. Continue researching the available options through different platforms for easy purchase options.
  4. Inspect every single provided photograph for overall validity, light effects along viable descriptions.
  5. Check for gently used pieces rather than frequently used furniture, regardless of your preference.
  6. Try to figure out the structures to feature notably good supports on detachable or removal sections.
  7. Keep yourself occupied with less-known brand products as well as well-recognized branded pieces.
  8. Exclusively figure out the online platforms to provide local support on any problem or requirements.
  9. Don’t leave space to compromise with product quality from every perspective, no matter what.
  10. Take measurements of your available space to match the intended furniture’s actual dimensions.
  11. Detect the existing furniture defects (cracks, fades, chips, distortions) to bargain the demanded tag.
  12. Check for possible repurpose or repairing options in the future to keep the furniture usable for years.
  13. Looks for individual furniture purchases to offer multi-purpose support on tight or limited budgets.
  14. Go through the customer feedback on the site’s vintage section to judge its post-purchase service.
  15. Visit nearby dependable antique shops to get a real-life idea of particular types of vintage furniture.
  16. Make an elaborate discussion with the seller to confront product packaging, delivery & return policy.

Online services are growing exponentially in almost every sector amidst the pandemic. And you’ll get minimal chances to judge its actual authentication on antiquity. Keep exploring the facts to know further details on your favorite piece of furniture.

Final Words

As it seems, there are too many online stores or marketplaces in hand. We had to prioritize international or established ones over localized options. But you shouldn’t turn your back on the places without knowing anything on the platform.

There’s no need to scour antique shops or flea markets to find a relevant vintage piece. Online marketplace is getting close with an enriched collection. You just need to figure out the budget for your needs to save time on research.

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