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10-4 ~ (Re Antique Show Page) I thank you very much for your time. You have a great site. Several folks mentioned that they saw the last listing and even brought a copy with them when they came to our October show. Please keep up the good work!
Regards, DM

8-04 ~ Hello David and let me tell you that I can not thank you enough for all the time and effort you have invested on this project to try to help me identify my toys. It is commendable that there are people like you out there so willing to share their knowledge and expertise on this subject with folks like me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. . . Sincerely F

8-04 ~Am trying to find a flea market on I-10 in Texas between state line and Houston - possibly around Beaumont or Orange. Was open 2nd weekend of each month. Not sure of name, May have had "Trade Days" in name. Can you help?

8-04 ~ Hi David, My apologies for not writing back sooner. The computer was giving me problems, and I really hate to have to deal with that kind of stuff! Had to have my geeky brother over this afternoon to help me sort things out. Anyway, the package arrived safely on Wednesday. You really know how to pack! Excellent job! Thanks for the quickness with which this transaction was handled. And again, thank you for packing . . .so carefully. I really appreciate it. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. C

8-04 ~ Hi folks, I will be in the Austin-Houston area in two weeks to purchase new inventory for my antique store in Massachusetts. . . Thanks, C.M.

8-04 ~ I am interested in learning your rates for space rental, terms, sq. footage, etc. MY

3/04 ~ What a herculean feat you have accomplished on your site. Many thanks and congratulations!! - ck

3/04 ~ Tghanks (sic) a lot for all you do, please include us in the "Border Buddies" - A

5/03 - I await their arrival. I really appreciate your help. If you ever need a recommendation don't hesitate to ask me. Mrs. C

5/03 - Thank you so much for your help... I really appreciate your kindness . Anything I can help or whatever do you need from Brazil, let me know...Many regards, C

Dear David, Thanks very much for your time and effort. This thing is really a mystery. I intend on pursuing it and will keep your email address, in the event I ever unravel the mystery I can fill you in. I will follow the links you have supplied. Best wishes, D

Just wanted to let you know I rec'd the Enco items yesterday, and was so excited to get them. They remind me so much of my late Dad & his Enco Service Station days some 35-38 years ago! Thanks again, L.

David, Thank you so much for the restoration tips. I know my husband will be thrilled when he sees his HOT WHEELS shined up. Perhaps he will have to set up the 50ft track with my son and race, like the good ol' days. Again, thanks for your advice. L

Hi Dave...Want to thank you for the Wheels, that kids so tickled and also sends his thanks...geez youd think he gave birth to it....so all in all THANK YOU ....stay safe, S.

Thanks for your time and responce. . . thanks again R.

Thanks for the help and reply to my question David, R.

. . . I also enjoyed your information for the last few years, it is a great tool. Thank you so much. C.

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