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Wind up may bring tin toys to mind, however, this name can be used to cover a large group of toys manufactured in different materials. It can be said that wind-up toys are defined as being operated by with winding of a mechanism thus producing an action or actions. For Marx toys in the period 1920's - 50's, this action would most often by through the use of a removable key. Some other toys used a spring-type lever that would have been pushed or pulled.

The two most popular materials for construction wind-up toys was tin and celluloid. Tin obviously offered many advantages for the production of wind-up toys - sturdy, inexpensive, could be lithographed and finished with a shiny coat. Celluloid was lightweight and inexpensive - a precursor to today's plastic. However, celluloid did have some flaws in that it was brittle, fragile, and flammable. These flaws meant that toys made from celluloid were destined for destruction and difficult to find today.

Collectors should be cautious when buying wind-up toys. While tin wind-ups can be repaired, celluloid in most cases cannot be fixed and should be avoided. If you must purchase celluloid - demand mint.

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Knitting Bunny Rabbit - Wind-Up
Bunny sits on a round base that has tin litho scenes home scenes on it.
The rabbit is operational has molded paws and 'furry' pink exterior.
Size: 8" high.
Condition: Overall is excellent showing normal wear and age.
Price: SOLD

US Zone German Duck
Two action wind-up toy.
Size: 4-1/2" tall, 7" long with key.
Condition: Excellent+.
Price: $275.00 + s/h/i

US Zone Uncle Sam
Two action wind-up toy
Size: 6-1/8" tall with key
Condition: Excellent+.
Price: $375.00 + s/h/i

Wind-up Boy
Made in Germany
Jointed Arms and Head that move.
Made of hard plastic with open fingers.
Size: 6" tall.
Condition: Overall is very good.
(The winding mechanism has been wound too tight - needs repair)
Price: $55.00 + s/h/i

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