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This 'Value Guide' is offered as a reference and information guide only to be used as an aid for identification purposes.
It is not intended to be representative of current market values nor is it to be considered authoritative or sanctioned,
but rather an opinion of value to be based on item condition.
Values for any item are effected by condition, age, demand and desirability.

Thanks to everyone that allowed us to photograph their private collections. As such, these items are not for sale.

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Clockwork Bear
Wind-up bear turning pages of animal picture book. Book is metal.
Tin covered with material.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 6½" tall.

Value: $100-150

Wind-up Owl
Two action, clock-work toy Owl directing music. Beak opens/closes and baton goes up/down. Tin covered with material.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 5½" tall.

Value: $100-150

Wind-up Soldier
Two action wind-up soldier. Sways from side-to-side and his arms go up/down playing the cymbals. Cloth covered tin.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 10" tall.

Value: $150-175

Wind-up Bear
One action clock work, wind-up bear playing cymbals. Faux fur over tin.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 6" tall.
Carl Original, Germany

Value: $200-225

Monkey Violinist
One action, monkey wind-up playing violin. Tin covered with cloth.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 4¼" tall.

Value: $175-275

Boxing Bunny
Rabbit boxing with spring bag.
Moves side to side and swings arms to punch bag.
Tin covered with material
Circa: 1950's
Size: 6" tall.
Mfg Japanese; UK

Value: $200-250

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Wind-up Lion
Two action clock work, wind-up lion.
Opens/closes mouth and tail wags.
Faux fur over tin.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 3"H x 8"L.
UK; Japanese

Value: $85-120/td>

Two action elephant.
Clock work-walks and moves head up/down.
Tin covered with fabric.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 6½" tall.
UK; Japanese

Value: $125-150

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