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Japanese Tin Car
Japanese Tin - Touring Car
Mfg: Unknown, Japan
Open driver, coach style vehicle, friction power.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 5 ¾"tall

Value: $45-70

Czech Tin Car
Czech Tin - Car
Mfg: Unknown, Czech
Open Model A style Car
Painted tin, lever powered
Circa: 1980-90's
Size: 5 ¾" tall

Value: $37-75

Space Vehicle
Sci-fi Space Vehicle
Mfg: Unknown, Hungary
Tin litho space car,
battery powered, 4 action toy.
Circa: 1980's
Size: 12 ½" long

Value: $500-600

Courtesy H.C.S. Collection

Tin Clown German
Clown - Uncle Sam
Mfg: Unknown, Germany
Metal tin litho,
3 action wind up DRPa US Zone Germany,
Circa: 1940's
Size: 5 ½" tall.

Value: $295-300

Charley Weaver Bartender Figure - Battery Op
Charley Weaver Bartender
('Elsie Krack was Here')
Mfg: Nomura
Tin and cloth figure, battery-operated, 6 action figure.
Circa: 1950's-1960's
Size: 12 ½" tall.

Value: $150-300

Duck Clown on Trike
Duck Clown Riding Tricycle
Mfg: Unknown, Germany
Tin litho wind-up, legs move
Made in Western Germany
(Missing spinners on hat)
Circa: 1940's
Size: 4" x 6" tall.

Value: $45-65

Tin Lithograph Jack-o-lantern
Mfg: Unknown, USA
(Missing whistle nose)
Tin litho - ghost, owl,witch,cat, bats, haunted house, US Mfg.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 4 ¾" x 3 ¾" tall.

Value: $95-125

Tin Lithograph Jack-o-lantern
Mfg: Unknown, USA
Tin Litho - owl, bats in full moon, pumpkin field
Plastic/metal whistle nose
US Mfg.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 6" x 5" tall.

Value: $120-125

Tin Litho Ray Gun
Sparkling Ray Gun
Mfg: Unknown, Japan
Tin Litho/Plastic
2 action toy (noise maker/moving bullets)
T/Y Quality Toys, Japan
Circa: 1950's
Size: 8" long.

Value: $35-70

Tin Tractor
Tin Litho Tractor
Mfg: Unknown, Japan
Tractor 55
Tin litho with yellow plastic head light, white plastic steering wheel.
Rear wheels-metal
Front wheels-rubber
Circa: 1950's
Size: 6-5/8" tall.

Value: $175-300

Japanese Tin Fire Chief Car
Fire Chief Wagon
Mfg: Unknown, Japan
Tin friction car, lithograph. Chief and Fire Department emblem on top, litho siren on hood.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 10 ¼" long

Value: $150-250.00

Courtesy H.C.S. Collection
Tin Litho Ford Galaxy
Ford Galaxy Tin Car
Mfg: Unknown, Japan
Tin litho friction car, 4 door with plastic windshield.
Circa: 1950 s
Size: 9-3/4" long

Value: $50.00-125

Marx Tank
Marx No.5 Tank
Mfg: Unknown
Tin lithograph flip-over, wind-up tank with wood wheels and attached key.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 4" long

Value: $50-75

Japanes Tin Truck
Model 'A' Delivery Truck
Mfg: Unknown
Japanese tin friction truck with rubber tires.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 6 ½" long

Value: $45-65

Schuco Wind-Up Car
Schuco Ford Coupe T 1917
Mfg: Schuco
Tin wind-up car, No. 1227, has working gears, key.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 6 ¼" long

Value: $150-300


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Tin Lithograph Wind-up Motorcycle
Tin Litho Motorcycle
Mfg: China
Wind-up with dual turning levers, MS702 on gas tank, driver marked No. 26
Circa: 1960's-1970's
Size: 7" long

Value: $25-55

US Zone Tin Duck
Tin Litho Wind-up Duck
Mfg: Geschu, US Zone Germany
Three action toy - quacks, turns and moves forward.
Circa: 1940's
Size: 7" long

Value: $150-200

Tin Litho Duck
Tin Litho Duck
Mfg: DRGM, US Zone Germany
Friction driven duck with 2-actions.
Circa: 1940's
Size: 3 ½" long

Value: $150-200

Japanese Tin Police Car
Police Car - No. 110
Mfg: Japan
Tin litho police car in red, black and white. Hudson is mis-spelled to Hadson. Shows litho of police in all windows. Friction driven, Police on the top and Police Dept. on trunk with star.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 8 ½" long

Value: $125-300

Tin Litho Space Ship
Mobil Jet Space Ship
Mfg: Ty, Japan
Tin and plastic space ship with yellow suited pilot flying a moving blaster in rear; twin antennas. Friction driven; 2-actions.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 8 ½" long

Value: $300-500

Courtesy H.C.S. Collection
Tin Lithograph Army Car
Tin Litho Army Staff Car
Mfg: Marx
Army green tin wind-up with battery operated flasher and siren. Litho: USA - W-601158 on hood.
Circa: 1940's
Size: 11" long

Value: $300-450

Courtesy H.C.S. Collection

1915 Ford Model-T Tin Litho Touring Car
1915 Ford Model-T Touring Car
Mfg: Sign of Equality, Japan
Green tin litho body with black fenders, red litho seats, 4 door
Circa: 1950's
Size: 7" long

Value: $45-65

Mr. MaGoo - Battery Op Tin Litho Car
Mr. MaGoo Battery-Op Car
Mfg: Hubley
Tin lithograph, battery-operated car with cloth roof, UPA Pictures.
Size: 9" long

Value: $200-350

Courtesy H.C.S. Collection
Tin Lithograph MG
MG - Tin Litho
Mfg: Dimond K
No. 5670
Circa: 1950's
Size: 4 ¼" long

Value: $25-50

Vintage Dime Register Bank
Dime Register Bank
Mfg: Chein
$10 Tin litho bank where first dime locks the bank; last dime opens it.
Circa: 1940's-1950's
Size: 2-1/8" x 2-1/2"x2"

Value: $35-55

Tin lithograph toy - men playing pool
Men Shooting Pool
Mfg: Unknown
Re-issue of Tin lithograph wind-up toy of men shooting pool, comes with 6 balls.
Circa: 1990's
Size: 14 ½" long

Value: $50-150

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Isetta Fox Tin Car
Isetta Fox
Two-tone red & white tin litho mini car. License #B-588
Circa: 1950's
Size: 6½"

Value: $100-150

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Wind-up Santa in Chimney
Wind-up Santa in Chimney (Rare)
Mfg: Unknown, Japan
Wind-up 2 action celluloid Santa inside of tin litho chimney.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 4-3/4" Chimney; 6-1/4" w/Santa

Value: $400-500

Courtesy H.C.S. Collection



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