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This 'Value Guide' is offered as a reference and information guide only to be used as an aid for identification purposes.
It is not intended to be representative of current market values nor is it to be considered authoritative or sanctioned,
but rather an opinion of value to be based on item condition.
Values for any item are effected by condition, age, demand and desirability.

Thanks to everyone that allowed us to photograph their private collections. As such, these items are not for sale.

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MARX Military Truck
MARX Military Covered Truck
USA Army

Mfg: MAR Toys
Army green with bed cover
USA 41573147
Circa: 1940's-50's
Size: 14" long

Value: $200-300

Courtesy M.A.L. Collection

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Tonka Sportsman
Tonka Sportsman Pick-Up
Mfg: Tonka
Stamped steel pick-up truck
Red pick-up camper with open windows, plastic windshield. Sportsman decals on camper (both sides), Tonka Toy decals on doors.
Circa: 1959
Size: 12 ¾" long

Value: $250-350

Tonka Boat & Motor
Tonka Boat, Motor & Trailer
Mfg: Tonka
Metal trailer with plastic boat and motor.
Circa: 1959
Size: 10 ½ long

Value: $95-125

"Always buy toys in the best condition you can afford."

Good advice - especially when buying toys with the thought of maximizing an ivestment.

This means purchasing a toy in the closest to MINT condition you can find.

With older toys, the conditon becomes even more important if buying for investment. Buying in poor condition will almost always mean a loss or lower monetary return on dollars invested.

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Stamp Steel Ambulance - Wyandotte
Military Amulance
Mfg: Wyandotte
Dark military gteen with Medical Corps label on both sides, wooden wheels.
Circa: 1939
Size: 12" long

Value: $200-300

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