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It is not intended to be representative of current market values nor is it to be considered authoritative or sanctioned,
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Values for any item are effected by condition, age, demand and desirability.

Thanks to everyone that allowed us to photograph their private collections. As such, these items are not for sale.

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Plastic Speed Boat
Thomas Toy Boat
Mfg: Thomas
Speed boat (Racing Hydroplane)
Rubber band powered prop to move through water.
Circa: 1940's
Size: 8" long

Value: $35-50

Farmall Tractor
I-H DEMO (White)

Mfg: McCormick/Arcade
No decals
Circa: 1940's
Size: 8"L x 4 ¼" H

Value: $1,000-1,500

Courtesy D.H.W. Collection
Rubber Farm Tractor
Farm Tractor
Mfg: Barr Rubber Products
Red and yellow with Ohio on both sides.
Tires have Mfg. information
Circa: 1940's
Size: 4 ½" long

Value: $60-70

Celluloid Clown Figure
Celluloid Clown Rattle Mfg: Unknown
Embossed 'American'
Child's rattler, with red paint accents on hat and face
Circa: 1940's
Size: 6" tall.

Value: $155-250

Celluloid Doll
Wind-up Boy Doll
Mfg: Unknown
Celluloid face and hands, felt covers all, shoulders move when activated.
Circa: 1940's
Size: 5 ½" tall.

Value: $37-75

Soaky Bottle
Frakenstein Soaky Bottle
Mfg: Colgate-Palmolive
Originally held bubble bath,has painted face, hands and shirt.
Circa: 1960's
Size: 9 ½" tall

Value: $100-125

Courtesy F.A.S. Collection

Humble Pumper
Melvin G. Miller Co. Humble Oil
Battery operated oil pump well with variable speed.
Humble No. 1 embossed on battery cover.
Circa: 1970's
Size: 8"L x 3 ¼" W x 8" H.

Value: $500-700

Frankenstein Figure
Frankenstein Figure
Mfg: Azrak-Hamway Int'l Inc., Hong Kong
Green plastic hands, white feet, green painted face, fabric clothes
Circa: 1970's
Size: 7 ½" tall

Value: $150-200

Courtesy F.A.S. Collection

1. Remove dust and dirt with soft brush or soft cloth. (Use a cloth that won't leave lint behind. An old Tee-shirt is perfect.)

2. Note: Before applying Armor All test on underside or other obscure place on the toy to make sure the application doesn't cause damage or change the color.

After testing, apply a thin coat of 'Armor All Original' to the whole top surface of the painted or plastic toy using a soft, lint free cloth saturated with Armor All Original solution . . . making sure to thoroughly wipe the toy down.

Once applied, wipe off all excess with a clean, dry, soft and lint free cloth to a a nice 'sheen' . . . always be cautious not to over rub or leave any surface 'wet'.

3. You can now store or display the toy. When displaying, always be careful that the toy should 'rest' it in a position so as to not put pressure on any part thus causing weight damage, i.e. old rubber tires go flat over time. Also, sunlight will cause damage if a toy is left exposed to the sun's rays too long so don't keep anything on a shelf near a window.

I-H Power Unit
International Harvester
Power Unit

Mfg: Products Miniature Co. Inc.
Red plastic; unit spins internally
Circa: 1970's
Size: 8"

Value: $225-295

Courtesy D.H.W. Collection
I-H Farmall Tractor
FARMALL I-H Tractor Rare
International Harvester
Mfg: McCormick/Arcade
Plastic with rubber tires
Circa: 1930's-40's
Size: 8"L x 4 ¼"H

Value: $650-750

Courtesy D.H.W. Collection
Soaky Fire Engine
Soaky Fire Engine Pumper
(Speed Toy)

Mfg: Colgate-Palmolive
Red plastic pumper has silver painted highlights on hoses, gauges, bumper, and windshield. Bottle originally held bubble bth.
Circa: 1960's
Size: 8 ¼" tall.

Value: $100-125

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Plastic Car
Cadillac Car
(No. 12 on inside)
Mfg: Ladin Products
Green plastic molded body with white plastic wheels.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 6" long

Value: $10-25

Plastic School Bus
School Bus
(No. 1 on inside)
Mfg: Unknown
Green molded plastic body with black plastic wheels.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 3" long

Value: $15-25

Mfg: Commonwealth Plastics Co., Leominster, Mass., USA
Clear blower with 3 small BB's that spin when whistle is blown. Circa: 1950's
Size: 4" x 4"

Value: $45-95

Plastic Lionel Locomotive
Lionel Locomotive
Mfg: Lionel
.Red plastic locomotive, Part #48045
Circa: 1980's-1990's
Size: 10" long

Value: $50-95

Pepsi Cola Truck Bank
1940 Ford Panel Truck
(Pepsi Cola Bank)
Mfg: Golden Wheel
Bank - 1940 Ford panel truck (w/key), black & gold, movable parts, hood opens.
Circa: 1990's
Size: 9 ½" long

Value: $25-45

Mustang Slot Car
Mustang - Slot Car
Mfg: Ideal
Plastic with rubber wheels, Mustand - N414
Circa: 1964
Size: 4 ½" long

Value: $20-30

Marx Tractor
Marx Tractor
Mfg: Marx
Red molded plastic tractor, metal axel.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 4 ½" long

Value: $35-55

Ideal Slot Car - Ford Pick-up
Ford Slot Car
Mfg: Ideal
Plastic Ford Pick-up slot car
Circa: 1964
Size: 4 ¼" long

Value: $15-20

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Matt Mason Space Satellite Locker
Mason Space Satellite Locker
Three compartment box for Matt Mason figures
Size: 12"x7-1/2"x3-1/4"
Mattel ©
Circa: 1967-1970

Value: $80-120

See Matt Mason figures in Misc. category
Matt Mason Taling Command Console
Talking Command Console
Space station - Talking Command Console - Two seats for Matt Mason figures, folds open for space walks, talking pull-string, console is blue with graphics on all sides.
Size: 12-1/4"x8-1/2"x4-1/4"
Circa: 1968-70

Value: $350-450

Courtesy D.H.W. Collection
Talking Command Console - Open
Talking Command Console - Open

Plastic Wind-up Dog
Wind-Up Dog
Plastic wind-up dog - wags head and tail spins.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 3"H x 4½"L

Value: $50-75

Rolley-Polley Donald Duck
Roley-Poley Donald Duck
Donald Duck riding a horse roley-poley.
Circa: 1970's
Size: 3 ¼" tall.

Value: $6-10

Popeye Doll
Popeye Doll
Plastic soft head and arms; stuffed and and dressed in sailor suit.
Circa: 1977
Size: 7 ½" tall.

Value: $35-55

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Pluto - Walt Disney
Made of plastic dressed as sailor in blue cap and red bow.
Circa: 1980's
Size: 3-½"L x 3½"H
Made in UK

Value: $5-8

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