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This 'Value Guide' is offered as a reference and information guide only to be used as an aid for identification purposes.
It is not intended to be representative of current market values nor is it to be considered authoritative or sanctioned,
but rather an opinion of value to be based on item condition.
Values for any item are effected by condition, age, demand and desirability.

Thanks to everyone that allowed us to photograph their private collections. As such, these items are not for sale.

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Matchbox Tractor
Matchbox Tractor
Mfg: Lesley, England
I-H Farm Tractor,
Super King K-35
International Harvester
(Missing steering wheel)
Circa: 1970's
Size: 3 ¾" long

Value: $15-19

Farm Tractor
I-H Farm Tractor #5088
Mfg: Unknown
International Harvester Decals
Circa: 1950's
Size: 2 ¾" long

Value: $9.50-15.00

Majorette Tractor
Majorette Tractor #208
Mfg.Majorette, France
Circa: 1980's-1990's
Size: 2-3/8" long (1:65 Scale)

Value: $8-15

John Deere - ERTL
John Deere 1914 Waterloo
Bay Tractor #562

Green/Yellow plastic wheels
Circa: 1980's-1990's
Size: 2 ¼" long

Value: $40-50

John Deere Froelich ERTL
John Deere - Forelich
Material: Metal & Plastic
Size: 2 ½" long
Circa: 1080's-1990's

Value: $35-45

John Deere ERTL
John Deere Tractor 3068-0
Green/Yellow rubber wheels
Circa: 1980's-1990's
Size: 3" long

Value: $20-30

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Oil Tanker
Scania #140
Oil Tanker
Ewing Oil Co.-Dallas, TX
Mfg: Majorette - France
Collectible from TV show 'Dallas'
Circa: 1980's
Size: 9 ½" (1:60 Scale)

Value: $25-40

Tootsie Toy Car
Tootsie Graham Toy Car
Mfg: Tootsie
Two-tone car with white rubber wheels, yellow & red, has spring suspension, Made in USA
Circa: 1930 s
Size: 4" long

Value: $75.00-100

1930 Chevrolet Coupe
1939 Chevrolet Coupe
Mfg: Redbox
Dark green with opening hood, doors and truck, very detailed.
Circa: 19990's
Size: 7-3/4" long

Value: $40-50

1912 Rolls Royce Classic
1912 Rolls Royce Classic
Mfg: Corgi, Great Britian
Silver touring bus, glass headlight, spare on roof.
Circa: 1980's
Size: 4 ½" long

Value: $85-125

Ford 4-Car Transporter
Ford 4-Car Transporter
Mfg: Corgi Major
Diecast green/yellow cab and transporter carrying red Jaguar XK120, Mercedes-Benz Silver 300SL, Jaguar-Ralley 414 and Fiat X1/9. (These cars are not original)
Circa: 1950's
Size: 14" long

Value: $500-700

Courtesy S.E.S. Collection

Tootsie Toy Convertible
Tootsie Toy Graham Convertible
Mfg: Tootsie Toy
Metal 2-tone covertible in blue with white rubber wheels.
Circa: 1930's
Size: 4" long

Value: $75-125

Matchbox Bus
Matchbox B-Type Bus No. 2
(1912 - 1920)
Mfg: Lesley England
Painted with decals.
Size: 2-3/4" long

Value: $700-800

Courtesy S.E.S. Collection
Schuco Racer No. 1041
Schuco Micro Racer No. 1041
Mfg: Schuco
Wind-up car with grey rubber wheels, No. 3 painted on rear, adjustable steering.
Circa: 1950's
Size: 3 ¼" long

Value: $300-400

Courtesy S.E.S. Collection
Corgi Circus Set - Animal Cars

Corgi Chipperfield Circus 18-Wheeler

Courtesy S.E.S. Collection
Chipperfields Circus Set

Mfg: Corgi
Vintage diecast circus set including crane truck, cage wagon, horse transporter, bedford Giraffe transporter, platform trailer, elephant cage.
Circa: 1960's
Size: Varies 4" - 10"

Value: $1,500-1,800

Corgi Circus Set - Maintenance Truck
Mercedes Trailer by Lesney
Mercedes Trailer
Mfg: Lesney
Diecast trailer, Matchbox #2
Circa: 1968
Size: 3 ½" long

Value: $15-25

The C-10 method is the simplest and most commonly recognized by collectors. It rates toys on a scale of C1 - C10.

Assigning a rank of C-1 to a toy represents the poorest condition, while C-10 represents Mint condition.

Since C-10 represents Mint; a C-9 toy would be almost Mint, i.e. like new but out of the package.
C-8: Very clean with minor wear.
C-7 to C-6: Played with but in good enough condition to include in a collection. (A toy in C-6 to C-7 condition typically rates 60+% of Mint value.)
C-5 and under: 'Give them to the kids to play with'.
Diecast Grit Spreading Truck, Lesney
Grit Spreading Truck
Mfg: Lesney
Diecast truck, #70
Circa: 1966
Size: 2-3/4" long

Value: $30-45

Liberty Classics - Bi-wing Plane Bi-wing Plane
Bi-wing Airplane
Mfg: Liberty Classics
Diecast in red, white and blue.
Humble NC791H
Circa: 1990's
Size: 10 ¾" wing span x 8"

Value: $75-100

DC-3 Airplane
DC3 Airplane
Mfg: Liberty Classics
Diecast airplane
Humble Oil Co - N98H
Houston, Texas logo on side
Humble on tail
Circa: 1990's
Size: 12" wind span x 8¾" long

Value: $30-45

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