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David's Hot Wheel Die Cast Cars

Additional Terms of Use:  All items shown on these pages are being sold as collectible items only and are not intended for use by children under the age of 12 years old. No items have been tested for Phthalates or Lead content. The purchasing of any item indicates acceptance and understanding of this information and knowledge that purchased item is for use by an adult for collectible purposes only.

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Tomart's Price Guide to Hot Wheels: Volume 1: 1968 - 1996

Tomart's Price Guide to Hot Wheels, Vol. 2: 1997 to 2008, 6th Edition

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Wheel Descriptions
uh - Ultra Hot Wheel ww - Whitewall Tire tw - Turbo Wheel
rr - Real Rider Wheels pc - Pro Circuit gwy - Goodyear White
hoc - Hot Ones Wheels gw - Gold Hubs ct - Construction Tires
bw - Basic Wheel rl - Red Line dw3 - Saw Blade Wheel
lwg - Lace Wheel Gold lw - Lace Wheel cto - Construction Tire Orange
cty - Construction Tire Yellow ho5 - 5 dot Mf - Metal Flake
Mal - Mfg. in Malaysia Chn - Mfg. in China Ind - Mfg in India

Condition Legend - Car Condition / Package Condition
If only 1 grade given then both car & pack are same condition
M - Mint, No defects, bright & clean NM - Near mint, clean, very minor flaws
E - Clean, shows wear G - Good, torn or soft corners

1998 First Editions
40 Car Series
All Cars are Mint in the Package
NumberCar Name Series #WheelColorMfg.Condition
Price Picture
637Escort Rally1lwchWhiteMalM/M7.99n/a
634Dodge Sidewinder3sp5Candy RedMalM/M5.99n/a
633Dodge Caravan4dw3Mf BrownMalM/M5.99n/a
633Dodge Caravan4sp5Mf BrownMalM/M3.99n/a
639Jaguar XK85lwchMf GreenMalM/M5.99n/a
638Jaguar D-Type6sp5Mf Dk BlueMalM/M5.99n/a
636'32 Ford7dw3BlackMalM/M5.99n/a
636'32 Ford7sp5BlackMalM/M7.99n/a
635'65 Impala Lowrider8lwgdMf Purple/YellowMalM/M5.00n/a
644'63 T-Bird9ho5Mf GreenMalM/M5.00n/a
645Dairy Delivery10sp5WhiteMalM/M5.99n/a
646Mercedes SKL11ho5YellowMalM/M5.00n/a
648Hot Seat13sp5WhiteMalM/M5.99n/a
668Ford GT-9014sp3WhiteMalM/M5.99n/a
652Pikes Peak Selica15lwgdYellowMalM/M5.99n/a
653Iroc Firebird16sp5gybGoldMalM/M5.99n/a
661'70 Road Runner17sp5OrangeMalM/M5.99n/a
665Mustang Cobra18lwgdLt Green/Or/YelMalM/M5.99n/a
657Panoz GTR-119lwWhiteChinaM/M4.99n/a
654'40 Ford20sp5Mf BlueMalM/M5.99n/a
655Super Comp Dragster22sp5 BlackMalM/M5.99
650Solar Eagle III23sm blwDk. YellowMalM/M4.99n/a
659Tail Dragger24lwchPurpleMalM/M5.99
658Tow Jam25sp3RedMalM/M5.99
663Customized C350026h05Mf GreenMalM/M5.99n/a
664Super Modified27lwchBlackMalM/M14.99
669Chaparral 228lwchWhiteMalM/M5.99n/a
670Mustang Mach 129sp5YellowMalM/M5.99n/a
670Mustang Mach 129sp5Red OrangeMalM/M35.99
674Sweet 1630sp5Mf PurpleMalM/M5.99n/a
671Chrysler Thunderbolt32ho5GrayMalM/M5.99n/a
662Bad Mudder33dw3WhiteMalM/M5.99n/a
667At-a-tude34lwchMf BlueMalM/M5.99n/a
672Dodge Concept Car35sp5Mf Red OrangeMalM/M5.99n/a
673Whatta Drag36sp3Mf Orange RedMalM/M5.99n/a
678Express Lane37sp5RedMalM/M5.99n/a
682Fathom This39n/aWhiteMalM/M5.99n/a
684Double Vision40lwgdMf Dk RedMalM/M5.99n/a

HW Buttons Treasure Hunt Pro circuits Ltd Editions
Revealers Special Ed Red Lines BW Loose
Multi-Packs Park-n-Plates Starters/Fillers Accessories
Vintage/Anniv CA Custom Errors 1998
1999 2000 2001 HW Home Pg
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