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Cleaning & Care Cleaning & CareCleaning & CareCleaning & Care

Mirror, Picture Dust Cover Backing

How to replace the paper backing on mirrors or pictures using items you already have at home.

Clean Silver

Clean your sterling and silverplate safely without harsh chemicals and little or no 'elbow-grease'.

Clean Other Metals

Clean brass, aluminum, pewter, and copper using common household products.

Whiten China and Ironstone

Bring back the beauty of old china and porcelain dishes using a common household product.

Cleaning, Care of Antique Linen

Learn how to care for your old quilts, doilies, tablecloths, lace, drawn and pulled, and more.

Helpful Hints

More helful hints on how to care for your antiques and collectibles using common household agents... remove sticky residue, unstick stoppers, remove soot, clean cast iron and more!

Cleaning, Care of Ivory

Learn how to clean and care for your ivory figurines and more.

Antique Clocks - Care & Types

Learn how to clean and care for your antique clock; antique clock styles.

Basic Tools for Repairing Antiques

Basic tools needed to repair antiques.

Caring for Antiques You Use

How to care for antiques you use in your home.

More Antique Care Tips

More tips on caring for antiques: alabaster, gold leaf, veneer and more.

To Clean or Not to Clean?

What antique items you can clean and which ones you shouldn't.

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