Care of Wooden Toys**

Wooden toys have probably been around the longest, and are the ones that require the least amount of attention for cleaning. Care and cleaning of wooden toys - new or vintage - should consist of nothing more than a good, frequent dusting.

Any application of water, Armor All Original™, or any other cleaning agent for that matter will almost, always leave a stain or discoloration of some sort on the wood surface, particularly if the surface is not sealed.

In addition, you do not want to use any abrasives on wooden toys to try and remove discolorations, scratches or other unwanted marks. The use of any abrasive material may alter the shape, remove paint or damage the patina of an antique or collector toy.

If your wooden toy has any painted areas, these may be lightly wiped with a cloth dampened in clean water to remove any surface dirt. However, do not wipe any areas that have loose or cracked paint, decals of paper or other materials, or where cracks in the wood show through.

If your wooden toy has rubber tires or parts, you may consider using a lite application of Armor All Original™ applied with a cotton-tipped swab. Be sure to wipe off any excess. Leaving any 'wetness' may cause streaking or transfer onto the wood causing discoloration. If in doubt about applying any protectorant to tires or any other parts, don't.

Care of antique, collectible,  vintage and new wooden toys

Periodic cleaning of your wooden toy collection will keep it looking its best and help maintain its value. However, if there is any doubt about the cleaning or uncertainty about results, don't clean it. It is far better to have a dusty, dirty collectible toy than to risk damaging it.

Final thought, if you do have very old wooden antique or collecible toys, you may want to consider wearing gloves - cotton or vinyl - when handling them to lessen the possibility of transferring body oil to the wooden surface.

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