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Unlimited Access
Title:Unlimited Access
Author:Gary Aldrich
Hardback, 222 pgs., Date of Publication - 1996
Condition:Very Good+
ISBN: 0-89526-454-4

Who The Devil Made It
Title:Who The Devil Made It, Conversations with 16 Legendary Directors
Author:Peter Bogdanovich
Hardback, 849 pgs., Date of Publication - 1997, First Edition
Condition:Very Good++
ISBN: 0-679-44706-7

Past Tense
Title:Past Tense, The Cocteau Diaries, Vol. I, Intro. by Ned Rorem
Author:Jean Cocteau
Paperback, 376 pgs., Date of Publication - 1987
Condition:Very Good
ISBN: 0-15-671360-8

Price: $8.00
Deep Frontier
Title:Exploring the Deep Frontier, The adventure of man in the Sea
Author:Sylvia A. Earle and Al Giddings (National Geographic Society)
Hardback, 296 pgs., Date of Publication - 1980
Condition:Very Good+
ISBN: 0-87044-343-7

Life of Lorena Hickok
Title:The Life of Lorena Hickok, E.R.'s Friend
Author:Doris Faber
Hardback, 384 pgs., Date of Publication - 1980
Condition:Very Good++
ISBN: 0-688-03631-7

Price: $9.50
E.M. Forster
Title: E.M. Forster: A Life; Biography
Author: P. N. Furbank
Paperback, 362 pgs., Date of Publication - 1991 (Reprint)
Condition: Very Good
ISBN: 0-7474-0277-9

Price: $8.50
See, I told You So
Title:See, I Told You So
Author:Rush Limbaugh
Hardback, 364 pgs., Date of Publication - 1993
ISBN: 0-671-87120-X

Rascals in Paradise
Title:Rascals in Paradise, True Tales of High Adventure in the South Pacific
Author:James A. Michener & A. Grove Day
Hardback, 342 pgs., Date of Publication - 1957, Book Club Edition
Condition: Good
Elinor Wylie
Title:Elinor Wylie, A Biography
Author:Stanley Olson
Hardback, 376 pgs., Date of Publication - 1979
Condition:Very Good
ISBN: 0-8037-2316-4

Price: $7.50
A Better Class of Person
Title: A Better Class of Person, An Autobiography
Author: John Osborne
Hardback, 285 pgs., Date of Publication - 1981,
Condition: Very Good
Price: $7.85
World Architecture
Title:An Outline of World Architecture, 235 Illustrations
Author:Michael Raeburn
Hardback, 128 pgs., Date of Publication - 1973
Condition:Very Good
ISBN: 0-7064-0256-1

Great Lives, Great Deeds
Title:Great Lives, Great Deeds
Author:Reader's Digest
Hardback, 576 pgs., Date of Publication - 1964
Condition:Book-Very Good+; Dust Jacket-Fair
LCCCN: 64-22004

His Bright Light
Title:His Bright Light, The Story of Nick Traina
Author:Danielle Steel
Hardback, 259 pgs., Date of Publication - 1998
ISBN: 0-385-33346-3

Price: $8.00
Title: Virgil
Author: Dryden
Hardback, 417 pgs., Date of Publication - c1880
Condition: Poor
Item: NF_017
Price:$ 3.99

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