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Opal types, how to buy, care for and clean.

Cameo Jewelry

Types of cameo jewlery - shell, agate, lava, - and how to tell the difference.

Collecting Mexican Jewelry

What to know about collecting Mexcian jewelry.

Is it Jet or Black Glass?

How to tell the difference between Jet and black glass - and what is black onyx.

Cleaning Jewelry

Chart with information on how to clean over 30 different gemstones that may be set in fine jewelry - what to do and what not to do.

Identifying Jewelry

How to identify fine jewelry from costume jewelry at garage sales, estate sales, auctions and flea markets. We tell you some of the differences and what to look for when looking for gold and sterling silver jewelry.

Gemstone Identification

General information on 37 gemstonse including diamond, ruby, emerald, tourmaline, alexandrite and many more.

Jewelry Care

How to care for your fine diamond, ruby, emerald, pearl and other precious jewelry set in gold.

How to Buy Diamonds

The five C's of buying diamonds - for pleasure or profit.

How to Test for a Real Diamond

Five (5) simple tests for diamonds and what is the best diamond testing kit.

Ivory - Real or Fake?

Learn the different types of ivory and how to tell real ivory jewelry from fake

How to Test Ivory

Steps on how to test for real ivory using the 'hot-needle' test.


Read about the two (2) types of jade, the differences, the colors, how to determine if an item is real jade.

Bakelite Test

Learn how to tell if an item is made of Bakelite.

Cleaning, Care of Ivory

Learn how to clean and care for your ivory jewelry, figurines and more.

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