How to Search for Information

Who made it?  What's it worth?  How old is it?

Everyone wants to know what is their antique or collectible item is worth
and where to find information that will answer these questions?

How to Search the Internet

The Internet has unlimited information available and if you know how to perform a search you can easily find almost anything. Values. Maker's marks. Information to help identify an item. With so much information available, the questions arise, 'Where do I start when I want to find something specific?'

Know the major Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, and MSN. If you didn't find what you wanted on the first search, try one of the other search engines. You most likely will get different results for the same search.


Use words specific to your item. If the item falls into a broad catergory, i.e., jewelry, toys, pottery, try to include something specific about it.
A search for a tine train might look like tin wind-up train not toy train .


Place search word string in quotes to eliminate unwanted results.
Sample: "tin wind-up train" not tin wind up train.


Sting search phrases together, i.e. "Marx train" + "tin wind-up".


Searching for marks or reference information. Include words like 'free online guide' and 'online reference' in your search.
A search for silver hallmarks might look like "free sterling silver hallmark guide online".


If looking for values be sure to include 'value' in your search along with the item name. For free value information your search might include "free online pottery values" or "free online price guide for pottery".


When looking for information to identify an unknown item include the manufacturer's mark (if available) and the most unique feature of the item. You may find you will need to do more than one search to locate an item.


Still can't identify an item. Try performing a search on Ebay. Go to the Ebay category your item falls into,i.e. books, toys, glass; and perform a search using the maker's mark, lettering, numbers (if available), the size, or any unique feature. You can search both title and description.

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