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Ivory - Real or Fake?

Learn the different types of ivory and how to tell real from fake

How to Test Ivory

Steps on how to test for real ivory using the 'hot-needle' test.

Vintage Fountain Pens

All about vintage fountain pens - types, manufacturers, etc.

9 Different Types of Metals

Know your metals....bronze, pot metal, pewter, etc.

Identifying First Edition Books

How to tell if your book is a First Edition.

10 Steps to Finding a Good Appraiser

What you need to know before hiring an appraiser to value your estate or antiques.


Read about the two (2) types of jade, the differences, the colors, how to determine if an item is real jade.

Reference & Price Guides Index

Index of identification and price guides for antique, vintage toys and Snoopy collectibles.

Patent Dates

List of Patent Dates beginning in 1836 - 2012. Useful for dating items with patent numbers.

Bakelite Test

Learn how to tell if an item is made of Bakelite.

Whiten China and Ironstone

Bring back the beauty of old china and porcelain dishes using a common household product.

Search for antique values, hallmarks, etc.

Learn how we search to find information on an unknown antique or collectible.

Helpful Hints

More helful hints on how to care for your antiques and collectibles using common household agents... remove sticky residue, unstick stoppers, remove soot, clean cast iron and more!

Original or Reproduction?

Information to help you determine if your item is real or repro.

Antique Clocks - Care & Types

Learn how to clean and care for your antique clock; antique clock styles.

Basic Tools for Repairing Antiques

Basic tools needed to repair antiques.

Antique Cane

Two types of can, and 11 caning tips.

Art- 5 Types

What to know about the different types of art before you purchase.

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